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Zeeve Upgrades its Support for Hyperledger Besu; Introduces No-Code Workflows with Enhanced Customization

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Managed Blockchain infrastructure provider Zeeve has expanded its array of supported enterprise protocols, integrating the production-ready Hyperledger Besu network into its offerings. The integration enables developers, enterprises, and consortiums to quickly set up Besu nodes on public and private networks. It ensures seamless no-code deployment and enhanced customisation with cost-optimised super performance.

Launched in 2018, Hyperledger Besu has firmly established itself as a robust enterprise resource because of its benefits, such as compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem, flexibility to work in private and public environments, support for multiple consensus algorithms, and a focus on rigorous security standards. Catering to the needs of every industry, from pharmaceuticals and digital identities through supply chain logistics to financial services – Hyperledger Besu continues proving its versatility by delivering reliable results that businesses can rely on.

By being an ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, and GDPR-compliant platform, Zeeve ensures that diverse compliance requirements intrinsic to various public or private sector enterprises are well handled. Businesses can have peace of mind, knowing their growth is fortified by robust DevOps capabilities, maximum uptime, the fastest response times, and extensive security, culminating in an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure.

Besu is a representation of the growing interest of enterprises to build public and permissioned network use cases for their applications,” said Dr Ravi Chamria co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. “This integration benefits individual and enterprise developers to spin up nodes and production Besu networks on the fly, monitor and manage them effectively right from the Zeeve platform with whatever configuration makes the most sense. We’re proud to bring the full force of our tech stack for Hyperledger Besu and support businesses in different industries looking to tap into blockchain for different use cases, with enterprise-grade security and scalability.

Zeeve’s integration with Hyperledger Besu extends support for private and public Ethereum networks and facilitates effortless, no-code deployments. Additionally, users gain access to a suite of extensive configurations—allowing the setup of validators for block proposal, creation of privacy groups with a set of nodes, use of pre-deployed contracts, creating network with customized gas and reward configuration, pre-mint accounts, account allow listing and updating network configuration at runtime using transitions—to meet diverse enterprise requirements and applications.

Our mission is to offer intuitive and extensive control over the Besu network,” states Ghan Vashishtha co-founder and CTO of Zeeve. “Beyond streamlined deployments and a range of configuration options, Zeeve offers advanced analytics, paired with proactive monitoring and alerts, granting immediate insights into network status and resource usages. We provide heterogeneous cloud support across 9+ cloud providers, eliminating any vendor lock-in, and also offer a unique BYOC option, allowing you to host nodes on your own cloud. Businesses can leverage our auto-scaling feature to scale their infrastructure as needed dynamically, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and choices in their blockchain journey.

This new development benefits all those who want to build permissioned public use cases with Hyperledger Besu, along with over 27,000+ registered users and 40+ institutions already on the Zeeve platform. Blockchain to see its actual adoption among enterprises, simplified infrastructure is a prerequisite, and providers like Zeeve are making that happen, removing the initial barriers to entry.

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