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Interview of Sharad Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Certus Software, India

by CIOAXIS Bureau

In an email interview with CIOAXIS, Sharad Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Certus Software, India, shared his insight on the key aspects of data erasure technologies to help organizations in cutting the carbon footprint of enterprise data storage.

1. In the digital world, what are the key factors that contributes to the carbon footprint of data storage?

SS: Anything digital has to be stored somewhere, that’s where Data Storage comes into picture. With Data growing at a phenomenal rate (CAGR of 27% as per IDC), Data Storage contributes a lot in carbon footprint increase. One study estimate that carbon footprint contribution due to data storage industry is more than Aviation industry. Other key factors that contribute are –

a) Ever increasing use of cloud storage and infrastructure.

  • Today, Cloud storage use is everywhere, due to obvious benefits and hence data center requirements are also increasing rapidly. Data Center requires huge power consumption. (According to one study, energy consumption by major data center operators has increased by 31% between 2017 and 2020, with associated CO2 emissions on the rise as well).

b) Lack of using right storage devices with different type of data i.e Hierarchical storage management (HSM) requirements.

  • Hierarchical Storage management uses the right type of storage device depending on frequency of use for a particular type of data. Using Archival, backup method by transferring less frequently used data on tape drives etc help in reducing power requirement as these devices are not always on.

c) Use of degaussing / Physically destruction of storage devices due to fear of data privacy loss after decommissioning. (Data Privacy requirement is for Data destruction, instead people do Device Destruction).

  • It is very common to use Degaussing of HDD or physical destruction of HDD, SSD storage devices in need of data Privacy. These methods destroy the device instead of data.

Today Data Erasure Software like Certus software and industry erasure standards like NIST 800-88 Rev 1, IEEE 2883-2022 is so advanced that it guarantees complete secure erasure of data thus ensuring complete data privacy and at the same time making the device usable for new storage job.

2. With respect to “dark data”, how can organizations deal with energy crisis and overhead costs of maintaining excessive infrastructure?

SS: “Dark Data” is referred to unnecessary data collected by an organization but never used. Organizations can deal with these phenomena by drawing a clear policy and framework. For example,

a) Planning before hand – what data is required and how they are going to use. A clear objective can prevent dark data before its produced.
b) Frequent review of collected data and categorizing – review what is required and /or if data collected has fulfilled its objective and not required in future.
c) Purging and clearing what is not required. Even purging data safely from the storage devices with the help of Secure erasure software like Certus, also to prevent misuse of data. And freeing up storage device space for reuse.

3. What are the unique innovative features of data erasure software and solutions offered by your organization?

SS: Some of the unique features of Certus Erasure Software are

  1. Product is Global Compliant (IEEE 2883-2022, NIST 800-88 Rev 1, GDPR etc) and meets Global certifications (like Common Ceriteria EAL 3+ level, ADISA  etc).
  2. It offers the option of 30+ major International standard erasure methods
  3. Universal License – One type of license for all devices
    1. iOS and Android mobile devices
    2. Laptops, Mac & PCs (with HDD & SSD)
    3. Servers and Storage Systems (also in data center)
    4. Loose drives
    5. USB sticks.
  4. Single time use license i.e. one license is enough to erase one device, one time.
  5. License validation through online & offline (through HASP key – dongle) method.
  6. Option of online validation via LAN, Wi-Fi and even on proxy network.
  7. Comprehensive User Management.
  8. Programable Automation Process.
  9. Easy Customization of report format.
  10. Certificate is digitally signed by Certus, and Countersign of report is also possible
  11. Ease of connectivity for simultaneous Erasure of Multiple of Systems

4. As providers of certified data erasure software and solutions for controlling business processes, how does your offerings help organizations in data erasure and meet every regulatory and compliance requirement?

SS: Certus software helps organization in following ways

* It is globally certified and compliant with international standards and hence its erasure report is admissible in any global audit like ISO27001, SOX, HIPAA, R2 etc.
* Enables organization in control of its entire data erasure process.
* Provides its employees, subsidiaries, sub-contractors and partner companies access to the Control Panel to assure full transparency.
* Certus Live Portal (web manager) gives full control and flexibility over all erasure activities, users, license management and certificates.
* Increases operational efficiency with automation and simultaneous erasure of multiple systems.

5. How can CXOs and senior executive leaders rethink on data center efficiency and data erasure policies that offers a sustainable solution for reducing the carbon footprint?

SS: Certus helps CXOs and senior executives re-tinkering with data privacy and storage device Reusability. Most of the features mentioned in answers to above questions, enables them to think differently and work efficiently.


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