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Interview with Daryl Wan, Sales Director, Analog Devices, South Asia Pacific


“5G can play an important role in achieving India’s digital inclusion goals, especially in bringing broadband to rural and remote homes. Trials have proven the potential offered by 5G to bridge the digital divide by enabling access to high-speed broadband through FWA,” says Daryl Wan, Sales Director, Analog Devices, South Asia Pacific. Daryl Wan , in an interaction with CIO AXIS, talks about 5G ecosystem in India and how Analog Devices is gearing up to make 5G network infrastructure better .

CIO AXIS: Contribution of ADI as the premier supplier of integrated chips in the Indian market equipped for 5G infrastructure

 For over 50 years, ADI has been planning, designing, and building core technologies that make today’s 5G network infrastructure possible. ADI has not only contributed to the advancement of the communication for 2G, 3G, and 4G but enabled every major field test of 5G and helped create one of the world’s first 5G networks.

ADi’s flagship offering in 5G segment is 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology which unlocks unprecedented capacity and ultralow latency by leveraging frequencies above 24 GHz for wireless communications.5G deployments typically operate within the sub-6 GHz frequencies and offer higher capacity through carrier aggregation. However, sub-6 GHz spectrum is scarce, increasingly congested, and expensive. To facilitate the offload in this congested spectrum, operators are looking to mmWave frequencies as the solution to complement existing 5G networks as part of a multilayer 5G deployment approach.

The future of 5G mmWave is coming and its complementary nature with existing networks will result in the best 5G user experience possible. Businesses in vertical markets will also feel its effects, whether it’s the factory automation of Industry 4.0, high throughput communications in military settings, lifesaving virtual healthcare and procedures finally becoming available to the remotest regions of the Earth, or bringing reliable high speed broadband to the masses through fixed wireless access (FWA).

With unparalleled system-level expertise, best-in-class technologies across the RF spectrum, and unrivalled deep domain knowledge across markets, ADI is uniquely positioned to help customers navigate the complexity of the 5G transformation. You can confidently build, test and harness 5G’s capabilities faster, with higher performance and less risk.Our portfolio of 5G mmWave technology breaks the current narrow-band vendor paradigm by optimizing power consumption, bandwidth, and performance while delivering the highest level of integration. Let ADI help you unlock 5G’s full potential and develop the best solutions for broad market or specific applications.

CIO AXIS: How ADI is foreseeing 5G ecosystem in India?

India is among the world’s fastest-growing economies. It has a developed software industry with e-commerce, digital payments and educational technology standing out. Industrial enterprises are making unprecedented investments in digital transformation to modernize their processes – increasing demand for reliable network connectivity.Indian consumers and enterprises have shown eagerness to adopt 5G. This is positive news for the economy and society, as well as for service providers. India’s strong growth supports a dynamic mobile services market. Over the past five years, it has seen rapid adoption of smartphones and migration up to 4G.

For semiconductor companies, 5G offers plenty of potentials. Buttapping into that potential will require new monetization models as wellas a new organisational structure and different routes to market to reachcustomer bases they’ve never engaged with before. Here, ADI identifies the key opportunities and potential in this area. Prior to the launch, there’s already a significant interest from consumers regarding the acceptance of 5G. Hence, manufacturers are already in tandem to offer infrastructure for faster delivery as 5G is poised to be the most important technology for their digital strategies.5G will also enable service providers to launch new services for consumers, including home broadband (5G FWA), enhanced video, multiplayer mobile gaming, and AR/VR services. Consumers anticipate that service providers will offer pricing plans with service bundling and data sharing.

5G can play an important role in achieving India’s digital inclusion goals, especially in bringing broadband to rural and remote homes. Trials have proven the potential offered by 5G to bridge the digital divide by enabling access to high-speed broadband through FWA.

And lastly, in communications, we expanded our leadership in 5G radio systems with our transceiver portfolio, winning additional share at key suppliers. These new wins position us even better as 5G networks roll out globally, especially in India, and O-RAN begins to proliferate. Importantly, our design pipeline is beginning to benefit from cross-selling our ADI and Maxim portfolios. This puts us on a path to achieve our target $1 billion in revenue synergies. 5G perhaps we’ll see what is likely to be offset by growth in India, growth in O-RAN.

CIO AXIS: How ADI is helping India to build a strong semiconductor supply chain and increase its demand in India?

Despite the current uncertainty, the semiconductor industry is poised for additional growth, as more and more products and services become increasingly digitized. More than half of the semiconductor industry’s current enterprise value is based on earnings-growth expectations, as is reflected in current valuations: investors expect long-term growth of 7 to 8 percent per annum, assuming the recent margin trajectory.

Across all product segments, ADI has been introducing innovations which are faster, more powerful chips and leading-edge equipment that help generate greater sales in all value chain segments. We are striving toward building an indispensable Semicon industry in the country with our most distinctive technologies and products which are likely acing on the way t becoming global champions.

ADI has been strongly focusingon multiple aspects while fostering its synergies in its technology leadership, long-term R&D, resilience, talent, ecosystem capabilities, and greater capacity. All these approaches are very critical while tapping a strong semiconductor supply chain and increasing its demand in India. Our key performance metrics have been strong with our constant endeavour pertaining to

And with recent government developments regarding the ‘Programme for Development of Semiconductors and Display Manufacturing Ecosystem in India. It will significantly help the companies in creating a spectrum of opportunities in this segment.

CIO AXIS: What is ADI’s focus and vision on Made in India? Are there any products which are India specific, either in terms of import or export? Also, please explain more about ADI’s R&D centre in India

We started in India with digital, then mixed-signal processors, then process technologies for the converter products, and now we have RF (radio frequency) technologies for wireless. So it’s a very broad diversified technology group. Now the innovations here are not just limited to these verticals, but over time, it has encouraged us to expand our horizon in newer dimensions. With emerging technologies, we are recalibrating our synergies towards ‘Design in India’ to promote the government’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Today, ADI India is a global development centre for ADI, working collaboratively across all ADI businesses on all stages of product development – from concept to silicon to production to application – as well as providing the supporting software. ADI India’s product portfolio includes digital signal processors (DSP), complex system on chip (SoC), analog to digital (ADC) and digital to analog (DAC) precision converters, video processing, ultra-low power microcontrollers, high speed converters, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), software tools and algorithms.

ADI India has already developed some of the Company’s most successful products. ADI’s high-performance, power-efficient ADSP-21584 processor – designed, developed and supported by ADI India – is used by one of the world’s leading consumer audio brands in a premium soundbar that has won accolades at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and enabled our customer to increase its market share in the competitive soundbar market. The ADI India-developed DSP, ADSP-21479, is being used by a U.S.-based medical electronics company in its pulse oximeter to enable unparalleled levels of performance in challenging conditions where traditional pulse oximeters fail.

CIO AXIS: Please brief on ADI’s breakthrough innovation across industries such as – aerospace and defence, automotive, communications, consumer, industrial automation, intelligent building, and etc.

 Analog Devices is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of analog, mixed signal, and DSP integrated circuits to help solve the toughest engineering challenges. ADI has always worked towards Ahead of What’s Possible, to deliver the right set of innovations for every kind of emerging need.

We are dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges and have devised products across various industries and we are not only limited to those, this includes:


  • Aerospace and Defence

Analog Devices is committed to designing, developing and delivering the most innovative signal processing solutions to the Aerospace and Defense Industry. ADI’s extensive portfolio of high-end and high-performancesystem-level productsand decades of system level knowledge make for a perfect combination that makes ADI a trusted and valued design partner to many domestic and international OEMs. ADI stands ready to provide the technical support and products needed to make your next design a success. Our current product portfolio caters to extensive domains like Radar, Milcom, Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures, Unmanned Systems, Avionics, Space, Missiles and Precision Munitions, and Integrated Sub-Assemblies.

  • Automotive

Our capabilities in autonomous driving, cabin electronics, MEMS safety and security, EV & HEV powertrain, and automotive power management help our customers design safer, greener, and more comfortable automobilessuch asVehicle electrification, MEMS Safety & Security, Digital Cabin Experience, Autonomous transportation & ADAS.

  •  Communications

ADI has been strongly building its network of broadband communications systems. Virtually every wireless call, text, and download today pass through an Analog Devices IC. Our broad portfolio provides high-quality, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions for point-to-point communications systems, private mobile radios, and wireless infrastructure equipment. ADI is creating the next-generation communications that will connect us regardless of where or how remote we are.Analog Devices is the only company with expertise and technologies spanning the entire RF spectrum.

  • Consumer

Analog Devices improves people’s lifestyles with technologies that seamlessly interface and interpret human senses to create immersive user experiences. We collaborate and discover with customers to deliver complete innovative solutions that help redefine the way people work, live, and engage with our solutions across hearables & wearables, personal electronics, home theatre & gaming, unified communication and ProAV segments.

  •  Industrial Automation

Through superior innovation and a premier technology franchise, Analog Devices is increasing productivity on factory floors, enabling personalized output with flexible manufacturing, and producing intelligent edge insights that reduce raw material usage and energy consumption. As a trusted advisor, ADI works hand-in-hand with our customers to co-create easily adopted solutions, enable digital transformation, and build a sustainable industrial future.

  •  Intelligent Building

Analog Devices’ solutions for intelligent buildings are at the forefront of unlocking insights for the smart building digital transformation.ADI EagleEye™ enables a complete end-to-end, edge-based hardware and software technology solution for occupancy monitoring within defined spaces in buildings. The solution people counting system allows easy integration so you can solve higher complexity customer problems within your existing models.

CIO AXIS:  Please share some thoughts on future roadmap of ADI in India

ADI has always believed in playing an increasingly important role in helping bolster our core technology expertise and also bringing those technologies together to solve system-level solutions for our customers across the globe. India is a critical part of our global operations given its dynamic workforce of visionaries who we have developed five generations of ADI’s industry-leading SHARC® digital signal processors out of the India centre.

In India, we have been focused on defence, space, process control, UPS/inverter and energy markets, which traditionally have done indigenous development. We are seeing a lot of activity around healthcare, communication infrastructure and automotive with multinational and design houses in recent years. Our engineers are striving hard to achieve the legacy of our global counterpart here in India as well.

In response to our expanding business, which includes multinational corporations, significant Indian public sector organisations, design firms, and a significant number of smaller to medium original equipment manufacturers, we have increased our investments in marketing, sales, and field support engineering (OEMs).

We’re witnessing movement of manufacturing in India in a significant way. Hence, we are affirmative that the industry won’t outrun the macroeconomic conditions. But overall, we think the lending, in terms of where demand will be, will be softer than probably normal.

We are expecting significant growth in future backed by the ‘Designed in India’ trend and to align our expectations with that of the government’s initiatives to push ‘Made in India’ which will help the company succeed further.



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