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RAKSUL India Creates JOSYS, a SaaS Platform for Businesses in Japan


RAKSUL has successfully launched its fourth line of business, JOSYS, that redefines corporate IT with an integrated cloud solution that abstracts, simplifies and automates IT operations for employee lifecycle management.
JOSYS offers a one-stop solution for businesses to achieve increased productivity, cost optimization and enhanced security. Conceptualized as a global SaaS product, JOSYS was built from the ground up by RAKSUL’s India Center of Excellence in less than a year and JOSYS Inc. was subsequently spun off by RAKSUL.

RAKSUL India has been entrusted with the complete ownership of JOSYS product-line to meet its business expansion plans, and to that end, RAKSUL India aims to grow its headcount multifold over the next twelve months in the areas of SaaS platform development, data analytics and product management.

“I saw a huge opportunity to streamline corporate IT by increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and enhancing security. A typical corporate employee uses a multitude of SaaS apps on their official IT devices which all need to be facilitated and this poses a significant overhead in terms of management, monitoring and security. Further the dependency on manual operations in corporate IT adds to the challenge. These pain-points are just the tip of the iceberg and our newest innovation, JOSYS, addresses them head-on. We are determined to fully leverage our India center for multidimensional growth of JOSYS business and to create additional business-lines that will not only revolutionize Japanese industries, but also drive transformations globally,” says Yasukane Matsumoto, CEO & Founder, RAKSUL Inc.

Sanjay Rajasekhar, President, RAKSUL India, says, “True to RAKSUL’s vision, BETTER SYSTEMS, BETTER WORLD, JOSYS is transforming the corporate IT function to render it a whole lot more effective, optimized and secure for businesses. RAKSUL India, a truly born-in-the-cloud entity has played a pivotal role in creating and launching JOSYS, and this is just the start of the journey in realizing its full potential as a global SaaS platform spanning the whole gamut of employee lifecycle management. We are proud of the cross-cultural integration and collaboration across our global team and we will rapidly scale the India center by owning the product innovation mission.”


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