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COVID-19 Pandemic: Government asks private companies to work from home – Commentary from Array Networks


With the rise in the number of coronavirus positive cases in India, the government of India (GOI) has asked the states to enforce work from home (WFH) for private-sector employees except those working in emergency and essential services. Companies have been scaling up efforts to keep workers virus-free.

Shibu Paul, Vice President – International Sales at Array Networks comments on the WFH scenario that is happening all over the world amid COVID-19 pandemic.

“Companies worldwide are going through the biggest transformation scenario and are gearing up to face COVID-19 head-on by asking their employees to work from home as a precautionary step to prevent a mass outbreak. It is affecting millions around us and is also having a major impact on the global economy. Enterprises across the world are struggling to follow remote work practices to limit the spread of COVID 19 and to ensure that operations are disrupted to a minimum. VPN security has become paramount with everyone working remotely. The key to success at work from home now lies in prioritizing communication.

In lieu of the Corona pandemic, we at Array Networks, are offering complimentary remote work solutions – Virtual Secure Access Gateway (vxAG) and Direct Desktop Business Continuity Planning license for 30 days to enterprise who are struggling with security as a challenge to provide secure work from home to their employees. For all universities, research institutions, K-12 schools, we are offering complimentary license of vxAG with 100 concurrent users for a year

ITeS segment is the largest consumer as they have very strict data compliances to meet from their end customers. Education is suffering a lot with COVID-19 and we want to offer secure access to ensure quality is not compromised. We are happy to see a good reception for this offer and are working together with Enterprises to provide secure remote work solutions with the rationale to ensure business continuity and sustainability in the wake of growing COVID-19 pandemic.”

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