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Defence Academy of UK Targeted by Cyberattack


According to a former senior military officer, an unsolved breach on the UK’s Ministry of Defense’s training school systems did not succeed, but still had costs

According to a retired high-ranking military officer, a cyberattack on the UK’s Defence Academy caused “substantial” damage.

The incident, which was discovered in March 2021, caused the Defence Academy to rebuild its network, according to Air Marshal Edward Stringer, who retired from the military in August.

He added he didn’t know if criminals or a hostile state like China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea were to blame, but the damage was still being repaired months later, as reported by Sky News.

Stringer said: “It could be any of those or it could just be someone trying to find a vulnerability for a ransomware attack that was just, you know, a genuine criminal organisation.”

He added: “There were costs to … operational output. There were opportunity costs in what our staff could have been doing when they were having to repair this damage.

“And what could we be spending the money on that we’ve had to bring forward to rebuild the network? There are not bodies in the streets but there’s still been some damage done.”

According to Sky News, no sensitive data was stored on the academy’s network.

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