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GlobalSign Unveils PKI-Enabled End-to-End, Secure Document Signing


GlobalSign, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of digital signing, identity and security solutions for the IoT, has announced a new end-to-end workflow solution available in the Americas and Europe, GMO Sign (formerly GMO Agree).

GMO Sign is a cloud-based document signing workflow solution that is thoughtfully designed to facilitate secure, simplified, end-to-end document signing, management, approval workflows and storage – all available at a competitive price point.

Users at any organization can utilize both electronic and digital signatures through GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) to sign documents via a secure user-friendly platform. One of the world’s leading remote signing services, DSS allows GMO Sign to apply a high volume of signatures to your unique document workflow with no integration needed.

The GMO Sign document signing platform offers an easier way to internally and externally exchange, as well as bind documents electronically and securely among multiple parties. It offers both electronic and Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) digital signatures in one interface, as well as customizable signing workflows depending on internal or external use cases. GMO Sign enables users to add details related to documents, such as renewal dates and notice periods, leading to greatly improved record management. The signing workflows solution also allows for compliance in various countries and industries with new regulations favoring PKI-backed signatures, such as Europe’s eIDAS regulation for basic and advanced signatures.

Key features of GMO Sign include:

  • Electronic signatures, AATL digital signatures and eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures in one user interface, with no integration or development required
  • Fully managed keys resulting in powerful, yet transparent cryptographic identity binding
  • Seamless cloud-based digital signing experience with no hardware or PKI expertise needed
  • Customizable signatures and workflows to allow for maximum internal and external document approval and signing execution
  • Reusable document and signing workflow templates for future use
  • Bulk sending for a secure universal signing experience to complete individual signing requirements, saving time
  • User group and folder access management to ensure documents are secure and in the right hands
  • Easy interface for contract and document management
  • Document archival giving users an enhanced view into the document’s history
  • Timestamping and long-term validation

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