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Jidoka Technologies bolsters its technological capabilities by launching Fujin


Jidoka Technologies, among the pioneers in the field of automated cognitive inspection for manufacturing, has recently launched Fujin, an avant-garde hardware unit. This unit is designed to detect small and minute defects in flat surfaces that require scrupulous inspection and are imperceptible to the human eye.

Fujin, the latest addition to Jidoka Technologies’ range of hardware components signifies an innovative development in the domain and is an end-to-end integrated unit with machine vision and automation to ensure the most complete image of the defined defect at a very high resolution. Fujin is a two-axis table for end-of-line inspection where its motion can be designed to be used to move the product in front of the stationary camera or to move the camera across the length and width of the stationary component. The movement is also designed to ensure the highest resolution possible image is taken on a limited field of view on the component so that even very small defects on the order of 0.1 mm on a 500 mm large product can also be captured reliably.

Fujin can be leveraged by the electronics industry for printed circuit boards, the automobile industry for airbags inspection in addition to machine tools inspection, and in the textile industry as well. This unit is customized to the product type, complexity in shape, size, nature of defects, and production volume, and fits in seamlessly on the production line – for in-process as well as end-of-line inspections. Depending on the component size and the requirements, Fujin can detect defects and anomalies in products with a speed of 3 to 5 parts per minute – and an accuracy rate of at least 98%.

Speaking during the launch, Sekar Udayamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, of Jidoka Technologies, said, “We are indeed excited to introduce Fujin to the market, the advanced hardware unit in automated cognitive inspection space which is set to alter the way manufacturers approach quality control for detecting minute defects while helping them maintain highest quality standards.”  He further added, “Besides having a positive impact on product quality and customer satisfaction, Fujin will support manufacturers to gain a competitive edge with 100% visual inspection, faster processes, and a significant increase in throughput.”

The other hardware architecture models of Jidoka Technologies are Huron, Tigris, Miyake, and Robot integrations. These models along with the newly launched Fujin can be paired with Jidoka’s software platform Kompass to provide a complete solution for visual inspection automation at speeds of even 1000 products per minute per line.  AI and ML and Deep Learning technologies are leveraged here to enhance the quality control process and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Jidoka solutions deliver 98% or more defect detection in the QC process with a significant increase in throughput by 33% and a decrease in false positives by as much as 30-40%.  A 20% increase in the speed of inspection, with 5-8% further accurate detections, is also possible with the solution.

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