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Open up to multicloud with a pinch of security


In 2020, businesses shifted to cloud swiftly to adapt to remote work needs –and cybercriminals followed suit. In fact today, 98% of organizations which have already embraced the cloud, use not just one, but multiple cloud environments to support their business needs.

While enterprises continue with their digital transformation journey, 80% of mission-critical workloads have not yet migrated to the cloud. The latest X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021 highlighted that cloud-based attacks have been on a rise globally. This continues to be a key deterrent for organizations to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud.

Several enterprises are stuck in the ‘planning phase’ when it comes to an integrated security strategy, even as they continue to invest in point products for securing the cloud.

Point products lead to many tools and vendors, creating silos within an organization

Several cloud-focused security tools and native controls are available in a hybrid multicloud environment. Such deployments run the risk of becoming silos, making it difficult to detect threats, investigate and remediate in an agile manner.

Business needs demand mission-critical workloads and data moving from one cloud environment to another. A cybersecurity leader is expected to be an enabler of trust, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience across this journey. Therefore, enterprise hybrid cloud requires a comprehensive security program, integrating security into every phase of this journey.

It’s important to verify and get answers to these five key questions for a smooth integration:

  1. How to get started and what is the goal?
  2. How to integrate or extend existing security tools to gain insight across environments?
  3. How to adapt to threats and respond to attacks due to the increased footprint in IT infrastructure?
  4. How to protect critical data across the sprawl?
  5. How to build, deploy, and manage workloads securely in the cloud?

Reimagining security in a multicloud environment

Traditional security can’t keep pace. It is prudent to reimagine security for enterprises to move confidently to hybrid multicloud. These include:

  • A modern, open and unified approach to security that helps detect, investigate and respond to threats faster
  • A zero-trust security framework to help protect your data and resources by making them accessible only after the right level of verification

This helps achieve objectives where security strategies align to businesses; protect digital users, assets, and data; manage defences against growing threats; and modernize their security program with an open, multi-cloud platform.

IBM Cloud Pak for security lays the foundation to an open security strategy. It provides a single platform that connects security across disparate tools and clouds. It leverages IBM’s investment in Red Hat, including OpenShift, to advance security across hybrid cloud environments. IBM Security offers tools and services that enterprises can depend on in every stage of the zero trust journey.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Security

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