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Pega Delivers New Intelligent, Low-Code Capabilities for AI-powered automation


Pegasystems has announced the latest edition of its Pega Infinity software suite that helps empower organizations to quickly deploy apps, create smarter workflows, and deliver better experiences for businesses and their customers.
With low-code innovation, applied AI and automation, and a modern cloud architecture, Pega Infinity version 8.7 helps organizations innovate faster at scale while creating better total experiences for all end users.

An increasingly competitive marketplace made more challenging by the pandemic-induced labor shortage has resulted in a pressing need to retain and empower employees while also meeting and surpassing customers’ expectations.

Gartner defines this as total experience (TX) – creating optimal environments for employees and customers. To do so, organizations need low-code, intelligent solutions that help employees (from pro developers to business users) innovate quickly and work effectively while giving customers optimal, personalized experiences during every interaction.

Available now, Pega Infinity 8.7 helps organizations improve TX with a seamlessly integrated set of capabilities that accelerate digital transformation with the speed, scale, and flexibility needed to overcome any business challenge or need.

New enhancements to Pega Platform, Pega Customer Service, and Pega Customer Decision Hub enable businesses leaders to:

Optimize outcomes with AI-powered capabilities in Pega Customer Decision Hub to better engage with customers, including:

  • Customer Profile Viewer: This new feature lets users deep dive into individual customer’s propensities, behaviors, suppressions, and potential value. They can also explore customers’ omnichannel interaction history to better optimize responses, proactively detect future issues, and simulate next-best-action strategy performance.
  • Action Performance Tracker: Also new in Pega Infinity 8.7, this feature helps users proactively monitor offer performance and determine the success of next-best-action recommendations. Automated alerts inform users of anomalies and help prioritize triage, streamlining the troubleshooting process.
  • Adaptive gradient boosting: These online learning algorithms increase predictive accuracy by allowing users to understand the impact of each model feature on overall performance. This helps ensure success before deploying to production for the most relevant, empathetic customer experiences possible.

Provide faster, more personalized customer service with enhancements to Pega Customer Service for digital messaging, pre-built service workflows, and AI-powered tools for agents, such as:

  • Pega Voice AI and Messaging AI: As previewed last month, these Conversational AI capabilities serve as copilots for agents, listening to live phone and chat conversations, analyzing intent, recommending next steps, improving script adherence, and doing data entry for agents, which reduces average handle time and improves agent and customer experiences.
  • New digital messaging capabilities: Asynchronous web messaging lets customers leave a web chat and return to it later without restarting the conversation. A new mobile messaging software development kit (SDK) lets organizations embed web messaging directly into iOS and Android mobile apps, providing more digital engagement options to customers.
  • Industry-specific microjourneys: New pre-built service workflows for the communications, financial services, and healthcare industries help deploy and implement automated service processes faster.

Work smarter and more efficiently within Pega Platform with a future-proof architecture that offers applied AI and low-code innovation, such as:

  • Enhanced Pega Process AI: New capabilities added to Pega Process AI boost efficiency by predicting which cases will and will not be successfully fulfilled, as well as learn from historical data to automate work. Users can proactively address customer needs, using data and insights from each event as it happens.
  • Updated Robot Studio: With a complete redesign of Robot Studio, developers can reduce time spent on creating bots and ongoing maintenance. Upgrades include developer usability improvements from intelligent recording to easier testing workflows.
  • Improved low-code UX: Developers can deploy rich user experiences (UX) with more speed and control with a modern, single-page application architecture for more responsive user interfaces (UI). Pro developers can orchestrate multiple experiences from the same app definition while citizen developers can quickly create quality UIs with built-in guardrails.

Pega Infinity unifies customer engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation capabilities within a single platform to help accelerate digital transformation across entire global enterprises. By engaging customers with the right message, at the right time, across any channel, clients can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer lifetime value, and boost organizational productivity. Most importantly, Pega’s low-code environment helps reduce business complexity – resulting in accelerated deployments, faster iteration, and greater customer and employee satisfaction.

The latest version of Pega Infinity 8.7 is available now.

“The way we do business has changed. Today’s leaders know providing great customer experiences is no longer enough. Instead, they need to refocus their efforts to also include great employee experiences,” said Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pegasystems. “By implementing solutions that help create optimal total experience, organizations gain a tremendous advantage that not only creates better customer experiences, but also empowers employees to be productive and innovate faster. These new updates to Pega Infinity are helping organizations drive truly transformative outcomes for employees and customers alike.”


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