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Perimeter 81 to launch Secure Web Gateway


Perimeter 81, CEO and Co-Founder, Amit Bareket has announced the early availability of Perimeter 81’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solution.

Perimeter 81 SWG capabilities extend the radical simplicity of Perimeter 81 to web security, using the same one-click deployment, easy-to-use interface and user-centric approach. Contextual web access rules can be applied according to individual employees or roles, tailoring access according to the company needs.

Mr. Bareket further says that “we have been dedicated to building a platform that will provide user-centric security delivered over the Internet. Initially our team focused on remote access, providing a leading Zero Trust Network Access solution that securely connects employees working outside the traditional corporate network to the organization’s internal resources.

The Perimeter 81 Secure Web Gateway has been designed to combat the growing threat, that allow organizations to add web security to their organizational policies quickly and easily while securing users from anywhere, in the office or remotely. Admins can now simply secure employees during their day-to-day browsing activities and protect them and the corporate network from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and viruses, all within the same easy-to-use Perimeter 81 dashboard.

The Secure Web Gateway includes web filtering capabilities and enables user-centric rules for allowing, warning, or blocking access to web categories or specific URLs. These rules will protect and monitor employees even when they are not connected to the corporate network. Malware detection capabilities are soon to be added, protecting users from malicious attacks on the Internet. These attacks may quickly spread in the organizational network, infecting one host after another. SWG will prevent users and hosts from infection at the point of entry, securing both employee devices and the corporate network.

The new web filtering feature also includes rules for bypassing security inspection. An admin may want to bypass this inspection in case of programs that do not require SSL inspection, such as Slack or Zoom, or to comply with privacy concerns for web categories such as health or financial services.

Web access monitoring and reports provide the ongoing visibility into web access and activity that organizations need to maintain full Internet security. The reports can be filtered by employee and URL, ensuring that any potential security breaches are contained.

Perimeter 81 web security is enabled by a new agent which run in the background as a service, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile. The new agent allows an “always-on” approach that enables admins to enforce policy on employee devices before they are connected to the network if they so desire.

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