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The Right Technology Empowers Employees


Lenovo and Intel have announced a new commissioned study, “Empower Your Employees with the Right Technology.” The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that technology’s impact in improving the employee experience (EX), or an employee’s full journey in an organization, is more than anticipated.

Results highlight opportunities for organizations’ IT decision makers (ITDMs) in today’s remote and hybrid work environment.

A key insight shows that companies on average see five times the return on investment in the employee experience driven by increased productivity, organizational agility and customer satisfaction, even though ITDMs and employees disagree on technology priorities. While ITDMs prioritize strategic IT integration, software and service needs, employees focus more on their fundamental daily technology experiences. This suggests that business leaders have room to collaborate more closely with employees on their IT purchase decisions to elevate team engagement, increase customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

Other findings include:
• IT leaders say they plan to nearly double their investment in EX initiatives over the next two years.
• Nearly 60% of IT leaders note a 10% increase in EX scores by improving employee satisfaction with technology.
• While 50% of employees feel their PC devices are outdated, 84% of ITDMs believe workers can easily switch or upgrade. With better communication to bridge these two groups, potential for a more satisfying EX exists.

Between July and September 2020, Forrester conducted a survey of 1,014 ITDMs at global enterprises responsible for IT purchasing decisions and end-user computer strategy, and 1,845 global full-time workers who predominantly work with laptops, as well as in-depth interviews with nine global key decision makers. Respondents surveyed were from China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S.

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