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Zeotap is Optimized by Rackspace Using DevOps and Automating Internal Processes


Rackspace Technology, a leading end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, announced that it has worked with Zeotap Network Infrastructure, a leading customer intelligence platform, to optimize its network infrastructure by implementing DevOps and automated internal processes to accelerate product delivery by 40% and reduce its operations load by 80%.

Zeotap, a customer intelligence platform (CIP) helps brands understand their customers and predict behaviors, allowing them to improve customer engagement and enables them to build on a nucleus of first-, second-and third-party data to win new customers and grow their loyal base. Zeotap works with global brands, agencies and publishers across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Due to their global success, Zeotap was growing quickly and needed help optimizing its processes, streamlining its operations, and increasing automation to build and deliver products faster. To accomplish this, Zeotap migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with several terabytes of data to manage, 400+ data pipelines to monitor and a small internal IT team. Given the size of their infrastructure, Zeotap knew it would need outside help managing its rapid growth and optimization, so the company turned to Rackspace Technology.

Rackspace has created a robust “24/7/365” support ecosystem for Zeotap, ensuring we get flawless support, backed by a TAM and access to Google Cloud Platform Enterprise Support,” said, Aditya Chandra, Vice President – Infrastructure & Information Security, Zeotap. “With the help of Rackspace Service Blocks, we can leverage Google Cloud expertise to ensure Zeotap is able to follow best practices around privacy and compliance while deploying solutions on Google Cloud and using its various SKUs.”

“The big investment in the first 90 days was to operationally streamline a lot of the internal processes, make sure good documentation and data hygiene were in place, and maturity in how compliance was being addressed,” said Sandeep Bhargava, Managing Director, APJ at Rackspace Technology. “We did a lot of that work so Zeotap could run the business in a more predictable and consistent fashion.”

“Given its global expertise in dealing with on-premises as well as cloud solutions, Rackspace Technology can really add value because they are better equipped to troubleshoot and handle complex data operations,” said Ameya Agnihotri, Chief Technology Officer, Zeotap.

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