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India is 3rd largest open source user in the world


India is the 2nd largest user of open source region outside the US, according to GitHub’s 2019 State of the Octoverse report.

According to the report, China is the largest user of open source software outside the US, followed by India, Germany, the UK, Japan, Canada, France, Russia, Brazil and Hong Kong.

This year, 80% of contributors to public and private repositories came from outside the US.

The report says that Asia’s contributor community has surpassed ones in Europe and North America in annual growth.

This year, contributor growth was fastest in Hong Kong( 101%), Singapore (77%), Japan (60%), South Korea (46%) and the Netherlands (37%).

This year saw a total of 1.3 million first-time contributors joining the open source community with their first-ever contribution towards an open source project. More than 350,000 people made a combined 5 million plus contributions to the top 1000 open source projects this year.

For the first time, Python outranked Java as the second most popular language on GitHub by repository contributors. More than four million repositories depend on lodash/lodash, expressjs/express, and visionmedia/debug, respectively.

Javascript remained the top language.

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