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Vertiv Launches New Line of Local Rack Access Consoles with Integrated KVM


Vertiv has introduced a line of local rack access consoles, with models that include an integrated KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch. The Vertiv CLRA local rack access console features an 18.5 inch LCD panel and optional, integrated 8 or 16 port KVM that fits in the same 1U space, saving room while increasing management and functionality. Vertiv CLRA is now available exclusively in Asia.

The Vertiv CLRA local rack access console simplifies access and management for data center managers who are managing a single rack or multiple sites across different locations. The console supports high definition video resolution and includes next-generation rails that allow seamless installation into the racks without any tools. This device allows quick and easy access to multiple servers, making software upgrades, troubleshooting and system monitoring more convenient and less time consuming.

“Data centers play a very crucial role in a world that’s becoming increasingly virtual. While organizations plan webinars, online events, virtual business meetings, conferences and townhalls, consumption and creation of data increases manifold,” said Smrutiranjan Das, ASI Director, IT & Management Systems Business, Vertiv. “To support these increased loads, we are seeing a tremendous growth in the number of edge sites being deployed, and Vertiv CLRA local rack access console is an ideal solution to support local and remote management of IT devices.”

“Digital infrastructure has become the backbone of all organizations, increasingly so after the pandemic hit last year. Businesses are heavily dependent on technology for several process, and managing operations from multiple locations across the country. To make sure we align our offerings with the growing market needs, we have launched Vertiv CLRA local rack access console. It allows businesses to easily manage and have access to different sites,” said Sanjay Zadoo, country manager, channel business, Vertiv India.

Key Benefits

  • Space Savings: Vertiv CLRA requires only 1U rack space, even with the addition of the optional, pre-integrated 8 or 16-port KVM. The system eliminates the need for cumbersome and inefficient crash cart access and allows access to up to 512 servers in a cascading installation with the 16-port KVM.
  • Reduce Downtime: Complete entry point to local servers when needed. Access can be limited to authorized users via login credentials.
  • Ease of Use: High-Definition (1920 x 1080) 18.5″ LED panel with full-sized keyboard, touch pad and USB pass through ports provides an optimum computing experience.
  • Easy installation: Tool-less installation design allows Vertiv CLRA to be installed quickly, along with providing durability and strength to Vertiv CLRA construction.
  • Remote management: Vertiv CLRA is compatible with Avocent DSView management software, for a single point of data center infrastructure management.

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