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Array Networks Introduces FIPS Compliant Model APV Series ADC


Array Networks announced its FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant APV6600 Application Delivery Controller (ADC). Array’s FIPS-compliant ADC meets the needs of government agencies, financial services firms, healthcare providers and other organizations where higher levels of security are required to achieve compliance with government regulations and industry-specific mandates.

The Array Networks APV6600FIPS provides enhanced security for SSL traffic by storing, processing, and encrypting both the keys and data in a hardware-secured module. In addition to providing enhanced security, Array’s dedicated hardware encryption delivers superior scalability with support for up to 9,000 2048-bit SSL transactions per second. As SSL becomes increasingly ubiquitous for securing enterprise applications, cloud services and Websites, Array’s FIPS-certified APV6600 provides a means to maintain compliance while cost-effectively managing growth.

Support for FIPS further strengthens Array’s market-leading value proposition for customers seeking secure, scalable and feature-rich solutions for aggregating and accelerating HTTPS traffic:

In terms of security, unlike organizations that fell prey to Heartbleed, man-in-the-middle (MITM), Shellshock and other recent vulnerabilities, customers using Array’s purpose-built SSL were not exposed and did not require remediation. Array APV Series physical appliances scale to up 70,000 2048-bit SSL transactions per second, and deliver the lowest cost per SSL TPS on the market from the entry-level APV1600 to the high-end APV10650. Advanced certificate handling features such as in-flight certificate challenges, multi-level authentication and server name indication performed at the system level for advanced functionality that doesn’t impact performance.

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