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Data Leak is an Old Wine in the New Bottle


Data Leak is a huge problem and the damage that it causes to any organization regardless of the size or industry can be serious.

The increased digitization has led to a potential increase in the opportunities of Cyber Attacks. With the immense data that we have on our systems it is utmost necessary that we safeguard it from all sorts of data leakage/ breaches. Not even a single day goes by without a confidential data breach hitting the headlines. Data Leak is a huge problem and the damage that it causes to any organization regardless of the size or industry can be serious. From declining revenue to a tarnished reputation or massive financial penalties to crippling lawsuits, is the kind of threat that any organization will want to protect themselves from. This challenge has been there right from start of automation but has grown over the period when companies have taken advantage of the increased efficiencies, higher flexibility and the innovativeness that digitalization brings. And hence, “Data Leakage is like an old wine in a new bottle”…

Data Leakage is the unauthorized transmission of data from within an organization to an external destination or a recipient. This occurs via the web or mail but can also occur via mobile data storage devices such as USB devices and BYOD’s. There are many different types of data leakage and we need to understand that the problem can be initiated via an external or an internal source. Protective measures need to address all areas to ensure that the most common data leakage threats are prevented.

Data Leakage can take place via different mediums.

  • Most of the times data leakage is unintentional and happens accidently. However, the ill-effects remains the same.
  • Then we have some employees whose intention is to tarnish the image of the company in exchange of some money or favours from an external source. This is known as Data Exfilteration.
  • Organizations give employees access to internet, file transfer becomes an easy way out via this mode.
  • Malware/Ransomware
  • Phishing Attacks

With increased digitization, there is a potential increase in the opportunities for cyberattacks. That’s why every company needs to take cybersecurity seriously and invest in measures to defend both their physical and intellectual property. We can prevent data leakage using data loss prevention tools (DLP), which continuously monitor and analyze your data to identify potential violations of security policies.

DLP is a strategy that ensures end users do not send confidential and sensitive information outside of the enterprise network. These strategies may involve a combination of user and security policies and security tools. DLP Software solutions allow administrators to set business rules that classify confidential and sensitive information so that it cannot be disclosed maliciously or accidentally by unauthorized end users. Thus, by creating effective, secure barriers against threats and attacks, companies can win the battle against cyber risks. Companies cannot rely on the basic level security tools delivered with the IT infrastructure and software. Today, cyberattacks are more sophisticated, targeted and effective than ever before.

A holistic and overarching approach is needed to ensure highest level of cybersecurity. Investing in cybersecurity infrastructure, having corporate cybersecurity policies and certification, as well as promoting employee awareness, allows companies to proactively minimize threats. By protecting customer data, corporate intellectual property and essential infrastructure, companies can plan the digitization of their businesses with confidence and take full advantage of the opportunities that await.

The overall message is simple: Investing in cybersecurity gives organizations a competitive advantage and enables them to be market leaders in their respective industries. So, why not invest with Data resolve Technology that prevents data loss/ exfiltration and monitors its employees too through their product inDefend.

inDefend is a Business Suite that operates from a single dashboard and protects all Data Loss/Exfiltration and at the same time monitors all employee activity and records it too to be used for accountability if need be.

  • It being a DLP tool identifies the sensitive and critical information of the organization and forms a shield around it. Limited access is granted to this section of data and activity is tracked by maintaining a log of any outbound data.
  • All the Server Activity is monitored and a log is maintained too.
  • Data is encrypted that offers end to end point security.
  • There is enforced encryption on any data that is transferred to a USB device.
  • Only registered BYOD devices get access to the company’s network and all activity is monitored there as well.
  • inDefend offers security at all ends – Web, Mail, Printer, Cloud, USB, etc.
  • Any inbound or outbound data is monitored and a log is maintained with employee details as to when and who worked on it. Screen Shot facility is available as well.
  • Limited access to Internet is granted to a selected few and Application Sandboxing is available as well that blocks all Social Media, Shopping and other Entertainment sites that helps in reduction in possibility of Ransomware/Malware and Phishing attacks.
  • A shadow log of certain activities is maintained which helps in accountability.
  • Real Time alerts are sent out incase of any probability of Data Loss or Exfiltration.
  • It helps organizations in monitoring the employees of the company working in Office, Remotely, On their own Devices irrespective of the size and strength of the company.
  • Third Party Vendor Security is also provided by this.

To know more, Please feel free to contact us at: https://cioaxis.com/dataresolve/free-trial.html

Author: Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Co-Founder, Data Resolve Technologies Pvt Ltd

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