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Address the Criticality of Selecting the Correct PDU with Netrack’s PDU Variants


The IT sector is embracing digital technologies in order to boost capability across its many business activities. Organizations are adopting next-generation IT infrastructure to protect the functionality because a firm cannot function without a robust IT system. Choosing the appropriate power distribution unit (PDU) is part of transitioning to Next-Generation IT Infrastructure, and it may help a company to gain an advantage over its rivals. A suitable and adequate PDU will assist an organisation to improve capacity planning, overall efficiency, and cost reduction.

A reliable PDU is necessary for the data center’s key equipment to be maintained and managed. As a result, the proper PDU must be selected to deliver metered power to all IT devices while also providing enough electrical safety. Because the PDU should be based on the data center’s requirements, it must also be compatible.

Steps to choose the right PDU

  • Recognize the mounting requirement
  • Calculate the amperage level
  • Examine the voltage in the infrastructure
  • Evaluate the input power
  • Select a plug based on the electrical connections.
  • Measure the length of the power cord
  • Understand the number of devices connected
  • Setup local meters to gauge circuit capacity
  • Encourage remote monitoring and switching

Low-quality PDU cannot put an IT company’s day-to-day operations at risk. Because they are connected to the rack through the PDU, an inefficient and low-quality PDU might have a negative impact on business-critical equipment. Netrack recognises the importance of PDUs, therefore all models are expertly built with high-quality and tested inputs to ensure clients receive the best quality product with 100 percent reliability and dependability. Netrack provides a comprehensive variety of high-quality power distribution solutions for mission-critical equipment. The PDU is housed in a high-quality powder-coated metal box with the highest-quality electrical parts, have been appropriately tested and verified.

Netrack’s PDUs are certified and protected with MCBs and fuses to satisfy a variety of industrial needs. The input can be open or has Indian/IEC plugs. They come in horizontal and vertical mounting versions and range in power from 3.6 to 44 kWh. Local metering is an option on the PDUs.

Netrack’s PDUs come in a variety of colours, making it easy to distinguish between duplicate feeds. It helps in the organisation of the power infrastructure in order to facilitate power management and maintenance. Netrack’s PDUs are compliant with international standards. They are RoHS and UL compliant, as well as CB certified, EMC tested, CE, and LVD marked.

Significant benefits of choosing the right PDU

  • Reliable circuit design
  • Reduced unplanned downtime and error
  • Prevent outages
  • Increase dependability
  • Safe lock ready sockets
  • Continuous power consumption monitoring
  • Save power
  • Consistent power consumption and energy management
  • Secured infrastructure network
  • Lower business cost

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