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Why We Need a Holistic Risk Based Approach to Cyber Security?


Technology has evolved in astonishing ways and businesses have grown in size, complexity, and interconnectedness, carried aloft by online innovation.

As cyberattacks continue to rise, your business is being targeted from all angles. The best way to protect your business is to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. “Holistic” means relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts.

In today’s digitalized world, holistic cybersecurity has become an essential component for business across various industries. The rapid increase in cyber-attacks, coupled with the rising cost of data breaches, has compelled companies to adopt a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond relying on security tools. While cyber-security programs based on security tools can be effective, incorporating organization, human factors and culture into security framework is even more crucial. A Holistic cybersecurity involves learning from colleagues and industries, fostering collaboration and building a collective defense against cybercrime. Holistic Cybersecurity is essential for organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats. By integrating technology, people and processes, organizations can address the complex challenges posed by cyber threats. When you take a holistic approach to cybersecurity, you take in account the above three areas that pose security risks (technology, people and processes). Such organisations are more successful in mitigating and addressing cybersecurity threats, they cover a wider range of vulnerabilities present online, making their overall security posture stronger.

A holistic approach to cybersecurity provides an effective program that is aligned with the business and that adjusts to changing circumstances in the world to help the organization minimize the risk of cyber breaches and their potential impact. To truly protect an organization’s digital assets, it is essential to take a holistic approach that includes regular risk assessments, identifying of potential vulnerabilities and threats before attackers exploit them. A risk-based approach is the best approach that should be adopted as this enables you to identify and mitigate the potential risks before they occur. And this proactive mind set empowers your organization to stay ahead of the cyber threats and enhance the overall cyber security posture. This kind of strategy helps to analyse the threats and to understand where and how to spend money and time in the right places.

We need to evaluate as to how we can achieve cyber resilience effectively. The cyber resilience paradigm is to assume something will happen and act accordingly. Threat Detection and Response are of utmost importance now. After being secure, detection and quick recovery are also of paramount importance to minimize possible impact so that breaches do not hinder your ability to do business and neither does it affect your financial position. Every organization has to make sure that all links in the chain become resilient and operate under the same security levels. Since every chain is as strong as its weakest link, as a result cooperating on a broad scale should be part of the security measures. Since, there is no one-size that fits all solution, is the reason why Cybersecurity requires a holistic approach addressing technology, people, skills as well as processes and governance. It also requires integration with enterprise risk management, strong IT asset management and incident response. This approach commences through an accurate overview of the risk landscape – a governing principle that requires accurate risk reporting. This enables the organization to focus its defense on the most critical risk scenarios and strike a balance between effective resilience and efficient operations.

The holistic approach can be executed across three phases:

Risk Assessment: Once the risks and threats have been identified, internal and external experts need to evaluate each risk with regards to the likelihood of occurrence and potential impact.

Implementation of Measures: Once risks have been identified and prioritized according to the likelihood and impact, the risk owners and risk function should work together to create an overview of all initiatives undertaken to mitigate the top cyber risks.

Monitoring and Remediation: One of the most important instructions is to continuously monitor the security and risk measures to provide assurance and identify any potential attacks. Building a resilient cyber-safe infrastructure is about having the right strategies for attack identification and remediation.

inDefend, a product of Data Resolve Technology, is the perfect solution for a HOLISTIC CYBERSECURITY RISK BASED APPROACH. Data Resolve Technology is one of the India’s leading insider threat Management Company. Their product inDefend is a business suit that offers full protection from data theft and at the same time monitors all employees whether in office or working remotely, working on company’s terminals or on their own devices. inDefend, identifies all the sensitive information of the organisation and forms a shield around it. The access to the sensitive areas is limited and a log is maintained with details of who, when and what is accessed and the data that is sent out. Any probability of data breach is informed through real time alerts. inDefend offers end to end point security and encryption of all the critical data.

It monitors all the gateways – the server, printer, end to end terminals, e-mails, web, cloud storage, USB devices, etc. It keeps a record of all the inbound and outbound data. And it manages all this through a single dashboard. Application Sandboxing, is another feature of inDefend where limited people are allowed access to limited features of the net and sites like Facebook, shopping, entertainment are blocked. It closely monitors the employees and their productivity that helps the organisation to review their efficacy. Thus, this one product can give you and your organisation all the security that is needed and the peace of mind for the successful operation of their business.

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By: Nagarjun Kota, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Data Resolve Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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