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Artesyn Embedded Technologies Announces First Open Compute Project Platform


Artesyn Embedded Technologies announced its first high performance integrated computing system inspired by Open Compute Project (OCP) standards. The Artesyn OCP Platform is designed to help communication service providers dramatically lower the capital and operating expense associated with running their networks by leveraging open standard and open source hardware and software, and taking advantage of virtualization and cloud technologies. This new OCP Platform is a rack solution that integrates servers, storage and top-of-rack switches, and offers improvement in density, availability, flexibility, scalability, serviceability, manageability, and ease of deployment versus traditional rack servers.

The Artesyn OCP Platform is designed for the development and pilot deployment of network function virtualization (NFV) applications orchestrated by software-defined networking (SDN). It is compatible with Artesyn’s Centellis Virtualization Platform, which is based on a field-proven software framework for NFV, giving service providers a common application deployment software platform that is independent of the hardware architecture.

“Our research shows that communications service providers have concerns about whether OCP and other commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies will meet the needs of their networks,” said Doug Sandy, chief technology officer, Artesyn Embedded Technologies. “Therefore, Artesyn is collaborating with customers and contributing to industry bodies such as the Open Compute Project (OCP) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to apply our many years of experience in building solutions for the telecom infrastructure to the emerging demand for OCP technologies in carrier networks. The new Artesyn OCP Platform offers a path to a class of OCP solutions that are optimized to network equipment requirements.”

Artesyn has published a white paper, Advancing Open Compute Solutions for Communications Service Providers, which explores how OCP technologies offer great promise for service providers and considers the challenges in making these technologies viable for carrier networks.

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