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AlienVault Launched Updated Open Threat Exchange


AlienVault, a provider of security management tools and threat intelligence solutions, has launched an updated version of its Open Threat Exchange(OTX).

The latest offering, OTX 2.0, has been available in beta, and is modeled on social sharing technologies to enable security practitioners to openly research and collaborate on emerging threats, correlate data better and quickly implement that threat data into their own security systems.

On the technology side, OTX leverages a big data platform that combines natural language processing and machine learning to automate the collection and correlation of threat data from multiple sources, such as third-party threat feeds, blogs, external API and local agents, AlienVault explained.

OTX 2.0 users can create or subscribe to what the company calls a “Pulse,” which provides an analysis of a particular threat, including information on IoC, impact, and targeted software. Pulses can be exported in various formats such as STIX, JSON, OpenloC, MAEC and CSV, and they can be used to automatically update local security products to ensure that system are protected against the latest threats.

Additionally, using the new AlienVault DirectConnect API, users can automatically download threat data and IoCs from OTX.


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