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Connode releases Connode 4 version 1.1


Connode AB, the leading provider of wireless mesh communications, releases Connode 4 Version 1.1, the world’s first independent and open 6lowpan-based communications solution for the Internet of Things.

Connode 4 v1.1 is a generic solution that enables and manages communications for multiple types of constrained devices and applications in different industry segments. It can easily be integrated into any IoT infrastructure, either as the main communications network or as an infill solution to any broadband technology. Connode 4 is now ready to enable very large populations of devices in a cost efficient way with its self-configuring, self-healing and secure mesh networks.

As key features, Connode 4 v1.1 includes Public Key Infrastructure, which handle keys in a modern and reliable way through the Connode Server. It also includes Mesh Node switch, which can change automatically between being a Gateway node or Mesh node depending on the availability of a working Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. Besides these features, Ethernet as backhaul and Reliable transfer to the Connode Server are others ones.

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