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ORPALIS Releases a New Software to Convert to PDF OCR


ORPALIS has released a new tool to make scanned documents search friendly.ORPALIS PDF OCR is particularly useful for organizations with a need to process a high volume of scanned documents.

PDF files acquired by scanners are not searchable and consequently cannot be indexed. A lot of time is wasted looking for specific information within long documents. With this new software it is now possible to generate searchable PDF files from scanned images. Relevant information is searched using text strings.

Its innovating and unrivaled engine can process several pages at the same time, making the software a really productive tool. ORPALIS PDF OCR is simply the fastest PDF/OCR converter on the market even on very large documents.

ORPALIS PDF OCR Free Edition list of features like  sophisticated OCR engine that processes several pages of a multipage document at the same time (multithreading support).
It converts PDF files, folders and subfolders.It detects  characters even if the page orientation is wrong (layout analysis).It’s Intuitive user interface has three simple steps process: source, destination and OCR language selection.
It has  64-bit and 32-bit support (AnyCPU).It has Five major OCR languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
– It’s Interface is currently available in English and French (user interface localization).

The download of ORPALIS PDF OCR Free Edition is available in the Labs section of the ORPALIS website.ORPALIS PDF OCR is built by industry experts and based on the worldwide bestseller GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK.

A professional edition of ORPALIS PDF OCR will be released soon. It will include more than 60 languages for OCR and multi-threading support for processing multiple documents at the same time. Command line support will be available for implementation in document management automated processes.

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