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Accellion Announces New Mobile Features


Accellion Inc. today announced that it has added new mobile capabilities to its award winning kiteworks secure content platform.

As users increasingly turn to smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearable devices to view, share and manage information, enterprises must adapt and offer users the same level of functionality and security they are used to when using a desktop computer. Accellion’s new mobile features provide end users the ability to access content securely whenever and wherever.

“Accellion continues to innovate in its sweet spot of secure mobile productivity,” commented Terri McClure, Senior Analyst with ESG. “They truly understand that enterprise employees are ‘always on’ and therefore need convenient but also secure access to files and documents at any time and in any location. Their recent mobile enhancements, particularly integration with Microsoft Office on iOS and the ability to push and synchronize content onto mobile devices should further enable the safe and easy accessing, sharing and managing of content across all devices.”

Accellion’s new kiteworks mobile features include the following key capabilities such as:Integration with Microsoft Office for iOS that enables users to use native Microsoft Office applications on iOS devices and allows them to securely open, edit and save files automatically in kiteworks. This provides another choice of editors in addition to the secure integrated editor that is included with the kiteworks mobile apps.

Mobile Sync and Push that provides end users the ability to select files for offline use that are automatically synchronized to their mobile devices. In addition, content owners can also push documents to the mobile devices of their collaborators and content consumers automatically. This ensures that critical documents such as a product price list or sales brochure are always up to date on the users’ devices. Users may also choose to enable these features only while connected to a WiFi network in order to preserve mobile data usage.

Field Operations Mobile Reference App that helps to built using the kiteworks APIs and Mobile SDKs this reference application demonstrates how the kiteworks secure content platform can be used to build custom mobile applications to support remote field workers. The reference app enables users to manage work orders, view relevant documents, and file reports and status updates remotely on a mobile device. With full source code and working examples, developers may customize this reference app for their own business processes and get a head start on their development efforts. A key feature of the kiteworks SDKs is a secure mobile container that ensures the protection of sensitive and critical content on mobile devices.

“Today’s employees need to have relevant business content at their fingertips whenever and wherever it’s required,” said Hormazd Romer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Accellion. “Accellion continues to expand the mobile features of its kiteworks platform to enable enterprise organizations to keep pace with their users’ need for secure content access.”

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