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WANdisco announced WANdisco Fusion Migrator


WANdisco announced WANdisco Fusion Migrator. This separately licensed edition of WANdisco Fusion focuses specifically on eliminating the multiple days of downtime, data loss and business disruption that normally accompany Hadoop migrations and upgrades, and make vendor lock-in difficult to overcome.

WANdisco Fusion Migrator enables migration between different vendors’ Hadoop platforms, as well as upgrades to the latest version of the same Hadoop platform to take place while operations in both the old and new clusters continue uninterrupted.

Migrations or upgrades across multiple clusters and data centers any distance apart can be done in a rolling, staggered fashion. Data, users and applications move between the old and new environments in a phased approach. Applications can be tested in parallel in the old and new environments to validate functionality and performance. If network or server outages occur during migration or upgrade, WANdisco Fusion Migrator offers the same built-in recovery features as standard WANdisco Fusion.

“Without question WANdisco Fusion Migrator is critical for enterprises that can no longer accept the downtime and data loss associated with Hadoop migrations and upgrades,” said David Richards, WANdisco CEO and Co-Founder. “Business disruption and the pitfalls of vendor lock-in are no longer concerns with WANdisco Fusion Migrator.”

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