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Infoblox Introduces Scalable Network Control


Infoblox introduced Infoblox Cloud Network Automation, bringing scalable network control to the next generation of private cloud deployments. Enterprises are increasingly turning to private clouds in search of cost savings and greater agility than are possible with traditional client-server architectures and public cloud services. IT departments generally go through several phases as they mature their private cloud infrastructure: The first phase involves pilot projects, where IT teams test out cloud design and infrastructure with non-critical applications and workloads. Once the teams have gained experience and confidence, they move to the second “production” phase, where some mission-critical workloads are moved onto the private clouds. The third phase involves the transition to geographically dispersed private cloud environments in multiple data centers and may include multivendor cloud platforms.

In each of these phases, control of core network services is crucial. Infoblox Cloud Network Automation delivers control that scales from pilot to production to multi-platform, so that private cloud deployments—regardless of size and scope—aren’t hobbled by manual processes for managing core network services. The solution consists three parts; Infoblox Cloud Network Automation console, Infoblox Cloud Platform Appliance and Adapters.

Infoblox Cloud Network Automation is available now worldwide for Infoblox appliances running the NIOS 7.0 operating system or higher, and is compatible with the VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack private cloud platforms. Pricing information is available from Infoblox sales representatives and channel partners.

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