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Reliance and Cisco Jasper Launched IoT Services


Reliance Group, India’s leading private sector business house, recently announced a strategic partnership with Cisco Jasper for the launch of a new venture, UNLIMIT, solely dedicated to provide Internet of Things (IoT) services to enterprise customers throughout India. UNLIMIT is equipped with the diverse resources of the Reliance Group, the nimbleness of a start-up, high-profile partnerships, and an international management team, and will tap into into the growing potential of the IoT market in the country.

UNLIMIT customers will be able to take advantage of the UNLIMITControlCenter, which is based on the IoT connectivity management platform of Cisco Jasper, and includes Reliance’s powerful mobile network. With UNLIMIT, Reliance becomes the first telecommunications services provider in the country to set up a dedicated IoT business unit committed to helping its Corporate customers achieve their goals. The partnership with Cisco Jasper, which is the industry standard for managed connectivity that simplifies the delivery of IoT services, provides the new venture with a distinct range of service offerings with global delivery standards.

Announcing the launch of the new venture, Mr Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimit, the IoT Business Unit of Reliance Group, said, “IoT is a critical enabler for India’s growth, and businesses throughout the country are already utilizing its huge potential to help deliver innovative new services to their customers, while reducing cost and increasing revenue. We are delighted to partner with Cisco Jasper, and this strategic partnership will strenghten the market position of UNLIMIT significantly.”

In addition to enabling business transformation for companies throughout India, the new IoT service launched by Reliance and Cisco Jasper will also play a key role in making the Digital India project—a government program committed to building 100 Smart Cities to increase the quality of life for residents—a reality. Reliable connectivity and the ability to easily manage the multitude of connected services involved in smart cities are two key requirements to ensure the success of the Digital India initiative. The combination of Reliance’s powerful mobile networks and Cloud Services with the global Cisco Jasper IoT connectivity management platform will provide a full suite of solutions for smart city initiatives throughout India.



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