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Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Value Point Systems Acquired by Softline


After Embee and Umbrella Infocare, Softline has acquired another major IT services company Value Point Systems from Bangalore, India

Softline, the global IT and digital transformation solutions and services provider has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Indian digital infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions & services company Value Point Systems.

The transaction further strengthens Softline´s business operations and capabilities in cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, managed solutions and services in India. Because of this acquisition, which embodies Softline´s strategy and vision for India of “investing in India for India”, Value Point Systems 2,000 local customers will now have access to Softline´s full portfolio of solutions and services.

With over 30 years´ experience, Value Point Systems has over 1,200 employees distributed in seven offices across the country. The company has become a leading end-to-end next generation digital infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions provider in India with technology partners such as AWS, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Microsoft, VMWare, Zscaler, among others. Throughout the years, Value Point Systems has built a portfolio which today includes six end-to-end solutions and services: cybersecurity, data centre modernisation, network transformation, cloud transformation, digital workplace, and IT managed services. These solutions will completement Softline’s own portfolio.

Specifically, once the acquisition of Value Point Systems is completed, Softline will strengthen its global cybersecurity proposition with the capabilities of VPS’ Security Operation Centre, one of the industry’s leading in India. Value Point Systems’ cybersecurity integration capabilities, and sophisticated cybersecurity consultancy offering, will augment Softline´s existing services.

Additionally, Value Point Systems will bring more than 800 highly skilled digital engineers to Softline´s team. These professionals will continue to deliver excellent digital infrastructure management and transformation services to customers in India augmenting what is now being done by Softline´s team.

Vinod Nair, VP of Global Sales, General Manager for Softline India, commented: “According to a recent report by NTT, 96.3% of businesses in India see cloud as something critical to transforming their business. Today, there are 1.48 million* companies in India who are the at the cusp of adopting cloud or implement advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect their assets. As a leading solutions provider in India, Softline plans to help them choose the right digital and cybersecurity solutions in their quest to become more successful by adding efficiency, speed, security and simplicity to their daily work. Thanks to the acquisition of Value Point Systems, Softline will now be able to complement its portfolio of cloud and cybersecurity solutions, as well as its IT management services workforce. We are bringing in a company with over 30 years’ experience in the market, and a value set that is accretive for our customers besides helping us reinforce our local footprint in India.”

Hervé Tessler, CEO at Softline International, said “Value Point Systems constitutes the fourth acquisition made by our company in 2022, accelerating the three-dimensional growth strategy that we announced at our last year´s IPO. We invest in India for India, and our goal is to make our subsidiary in India a $1billion business thanks to the rapid organic growth and to the success of companies like Value Point Systems. In addition to great digital infrastructure solutions, IT managed services, cybersecurity and other services, we are also adding an incredible team of 1,200 people to Softline´s family bringing our Indian presence to more than 2,200 people. We are very excited to welcome Value Point Systems´ colleagues onboard, and I am sure that by joining our workforce, alongside the teams from Embee and Umbrella Infocare, we will build together a true multi-cloud digital Indian market leader; a prime technology partner for any Indian company that aspires to digitally transform to accelerate and increase revenues and acquire operational excellence.”

RS Shanbhag, Founder, Chairman and CEO at Value Point Systems, commented: “We are truly excited to become part of Softline, a global company with presence in almost 60 countries around the world. Thanks to this new step in our company´s journey, we will now be able to grow beyond our highest expectations, and will also have access to the world´s top vendors solutions and services and to Softline’s own portfolio which will enable our teams to offer an even better and wider range to our customers. Building this company was a real challenge, an exciting process, and I am really grateful to Softline´s team for welcoming us with open arms. I look forward to seeing what´s next in our successful future together in India and beyond.”

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