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Tech Mahindra Launches Generative AI Powered Ops AmplifAIer for IT Support Engineers

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Tech Mahindra announced the launch of ‘Ops amplifAIer’ solution under TechM amplifAIer suit of AI offerings and solutions. The solution will amplify the productivity of support engineers by providing a single pane integrated view with all the contextual information and tools to resolve issues. It will also enable team collaboration and generative AI assistance capabilities​ and make the processes future-proofed in a responsible manner.

Tech Mahindra’s Ops amplifAIer solution integrates with existing ITOps tools to collect the contextual information related to an IT ticket/alert and uses generative AI to analyze the collected data. It further identifies the probable root cause, diagnose, recommend remediation actions, and generate the corresponding automation scripts. The solution comes with an enterprise automation catalogue that enables the reuse of automation artefacts like scripts or workflows across the enterprise.

Hasit Trivedi, CTO – Digital Services and Global Head – AI, Tech Mahindra, says, “Enterprises have a system for every team such as the HRMS for HR, FMS for Finance, CRM for sales, etc. But there is no single system focused on IT support engineers. While there are multiple ITOps tools and each of them has core strengths, but they lack completeness and hence, support engineers must log into multiple tools and toggle between them numerous times to analyse and resolve the tickets. Enterprises are looking for technology that addresses modern workplace issues quickly to accelerate value and bring efficiency. With our know-how of customer context and in-depth expertise in AI technology, we developed Ops amplifAIer to accelerate the automation of complex IT processes. Our Ops amplifAIer solution is designed by putting the support engineer at the centre. It enables them to analyse and resolve issues faster with generative AI assistance.”

In addition, Ops amplifAIer enables collaboration between team members and a generative AI chatbot for assistance. The solution also attempts to protect enterprise IT knowledge like workflows/scripts from being bound to vendor-specific platforms and tools. The unified operations console reduces the need for IT support engineers to log into multiple ITOps tools. The contextual data collected allows generative AI to perform most of the activities that a support engineer does today.

With Tech Mahindra’s distinctive investments in the AI space, comprehensive knowledge of customer needs, and expertise in fostering digital transformation within the enterprise. Ops amplifAIer will drive unprecedented efficiency in enterprises, being agnostic to work in any type of organization to eliminate the complexity from everyday work. The launch of generative AI-powered Ops amplifAIer is in line with Tech Mahindra’s continuous endeavor to transform enterprises with advanced AI-led offerings and solutions, along with its recent addition of Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search offering, Evangelize Pair Programming and Generative AI Studio.

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