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Aspect Software Announces Acquisition of the Technology Assets of LinguaSys


Aspect Software Announces Acquisition of the Technology Assets of LinguaSys, a Leading Provider of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Interactive Text Response (ITR) Technology.

LinguaSys provides Interactive Text Response (ITR), natural language user interface, and near-real time text translations to leading Fortune 100 companies. LinguaSys’ text-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capability combined with Aspect CXP will transform one-way notifications such as outbound text into automated, conversational self-service dialogues.

Aspect positioned to lead the emerging text and messaging trend as it continues to accelerate its business transformation.Aspect Software, a leading award-winning cloud provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions,  announced another key acquisition continuing the company’s successful business transformation to a leading cloud solution provider in the customer engagement space. By acquiring the technology assets of LinguaSys, an Interactive Text Response (ITR), and natural language user interface provider, Aspect bolsters its market-leading omni-channel consumer experience solutions. LinguaSys’ native support for over 18 languages makes the solutions immediately accessible for virtually all regions of the world.

“Since its introduction earlier this year, many of the world’s top global brands have validated our vision of a reimagined consumer experience that addresses the demand for better, more connected, and more intelligent self-service brand interactions,” says Joe Gagnon, Aspect senior vice president and global general manager, Cloud Solutions. “By continuing to invest in enabling technologies and capabilities like LinguaSys, we continue to optimize and differentiate our best-in-class omni-channel customer service, creating greater solution separation from our competitors.”

Language and speech technology, combined with artificial intelligence and intelligent assistance, will enable people to interact with machines in a natural way. The addition of the LinguaSys NLU solution addresses the growing consumer demand for using messaging services such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter for customer service and support conversations.

“LinguaSys brings highly-flexible support of natural language understanding for multi-lingual text messaging solutions to Aspect’s self-service CXP Platform,” said Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “It will be a major source of differentiation as consumers around the world engage with their selected companies through micro-blogs, messaging platforms and social networks.”

With ITR, channels like SMS and Twitter are transformed from one-way notifications to two-way conversations, empowering companies to expand automated omni-channel service interactions with consumers. The result for Aspect’s customers is that they dramatically increase consumer interactions and satisfaction while reducing the cost to service their customers. For consumers, it means getting their questions answered in real-time without having to work through phone trees or be tied to a device while waiting for a response.

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