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Indian Government is Considering Amendments to IT Act 2021 to Introduce New Regulations

by CIOAXIS Bureau

The Indian government is reportedly considering amendments to the Information Technology (IT) Rules of 2021, aiming to introduce regulations for artificial intelligence (AI) companies and generative AI models. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is expected to notify the amendments soon. Speculation suggests that similar provisions may be introduced in the upcoming Digital India Bill, empowering users to demand algorithmic accountability from internet intermediaries and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

One significant aspect of the proposed amendments involves mandating platforms that use AI algorithms or language models to ensure their machines are free from any kind of bias. The rules may require that AI algorithms or language models with inherent biases or those trained on datasets producing biased outcomes be prohibited from open use. The parameters for bias may include factors such as caste, religion, community, national security, among others. Government officials have indicated that there will be a legal obligation on platforms to adhere to these parameters, expanding the scope of trust and safety on the internet.

Additionally, the amendments may introduce rules to address and prevent deepfake and synthetic content. The government has expressed concerns about the dangers posed by deepfake technology, and the advisory is expected to provide specific guidelines for platforms on how to handle this issue effectively.

Another area of focus in the proposed amendments is likely to be stringent guidelines for loan apps. The approach may involve preventing unauthorized loan apps from operating in India, either through white-listing legitimate apps or implementing a banking gateway to block transactions through such apps.

The decision to amend the IT Act is seen as a proactive measure, considering the rapid progress in developments related to generative AI. While the Digital India Bill is still in the works and may take some time before implementation, the government aims to address emerging challenges in the digital space through timely amendments to the existing IT Rules.

It is anticipated that the new rules will enhance the accountability of AI companies, promote transparency in algorithmic processes, and safeguard users from biased or potentially harmful content. The amendments align with the government’s efforts to ensure a responsible and secure digital environment for Indian citizens. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, regulatory frameworks must adapt to address emerging technologies and their potential impact on society. The proposed amendments signify a proactive step towards creating a robust legal framework for the evolving digital ecosystem in India.

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