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Zeeve Launches the Polygon CDK Sandbox for 1-click zkRollup Deployment

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Zeeve has announced a sandbox tool for 1-click zkRollup creation using Polygon CDK. This development empowers enterprises and startups to rapidly launch their application-specific Ethereum Layer 2 in a DevNet environment equipped with an array of infrastructure components, developer tools, and plugins through a simple interface.

Polygon CDK, the latest addition to the expanding roster of Polygon’s offerings, places a premium on flexibility and modularity. With a wide array of customizable options—from the choice of virtual machine and operational mode to data availability solutions, sequencer types, and gas tokens—developers are equipped with unparalleled flexibility. This flexibility ensures businesses can harness custom configurations, robust security, and compliance features. Meanwhile, Web3 startups and enterprises gain the advantage of constructing their custom zkRollup chain to achieve targeted throughput, ensure EVM compatibility, and minimise operational costs.

With Zeeve’s support, the transition from concept to your custom Layer2 zkRollup chain is seamless, offering a sandbox environment conducive to meticulous testing of Polygon CDK chains in a controlled devnet setting. This deliberate approach allows developers to build their applications confidently and precisely before moving towards a live environment.

Our vision was to simplify the zkRollup deployment and management process to its core, making it intuitive and accessible,” said Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve. “With the Polygon CDK Sandbox, Zeeve is excited to offer developers a playground where they can experiment, learn, and build without the technical complexity of building rollups. They can create and destroy the sandbox as many times as needed to see what works best for them before they reach the testnet or mainnet of their own. They can deploy sample apps to try it out! Zeeve’s Rollups-as-a-Service platform not only simplifies the launch process but does so with the assurance of an enterprise-grade infrastructure, strong SLA, stringent security measures, and a rich set of configurations”.

Zeeve’s comprehensive support for the Polygon CDK Sandbox includes a multitude of features, such as:

Accounts & Smart-contracts – Allow pre-mined accounts, manage the balance for your core wallets, and understand the core contracts in the setup

Cross-chain bridging – A dedicated bridge for your CDK chain sandbox to perform transactions from UI

Explorer support – View blocks, transactions, tokens, logs, etc., with a dedicated explorer for your CDK chain sandbox network.

Network & node dashboards – View your node’s detailed configurations, monitor health, and more

Sample application support – Deploy sample apps on your CDK chain to try it out!

Monitoring, Logs, & Notifications – View the system and blockchain metrics dashboards, view the logs of the core components, and receive alerts of the setup of your sandbox

Professional support – Access the support for infrastructural considerations and configurations, helping to make decisions.

Ghan Vashishtha, co-founder and CTO of Zeeve, said, “The UI of the devnet itself is a powerhouse, allowing management of gas configurations, CDK chain transaction configurations, and Ethereum transaction manager, aggregator, synchroniser and sequencer and RPC configurations, and a lot more. All the configurations have default values within them. But if you want, you can change them to make a difference. That’s the whole idea behind giving these rich configurations so that you can try out what works best for your application. And, of course, you can expect there will be a bit of more management and more operational tasks for testnets and mainnets from the panel itself”.

Rollups will play a significant part in making Ethereum more scalable like the present-day internet. Polygon CDK is a frontrunner for this, and Zeeve RaaS plays a vital role in its implementation. Zeeve’s battle-tested infrastructure stack, a team of world-class blockchain experts, and proven track record of deploying over 6,000+ nodes across 40+ protocols position it as a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem.

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