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Interview of Jeby Cherian, Chairman & COO, Blubirch

by CIOAXIS Bureau

In an email interview with CIOAXIS, Jeby Cherian, Chairman & COO, Blubirch, shared his insight on Blubirch’s RAMP and RA-PaaS offering and its technological aspects.


1. How does Blubirch’s Returns Automation and Monetization Platform (RAMP) differentiate itself from other traditional returns management systems, and what technological innovations does it bring to enhance the returns process?
Let us take a step back and look at the returns scenario itself. When we talk about returns, we are including customer returns, warranty returns and EOL returns as a part of the solution definition. Both the value and volume of returns have been increasing over the past decade and a half and the negative impact that returns have on the P&L is now drawing close scrutiny from the CFO and the Board.

Given this scenario, we start from a perspective of avoiding a return from happening but at the same time maintaining a positive customer experience. The first step in avoiding a return is actually when the forward sale is happening. This is our first point of differentiation. By dynamic returns policies that serve customer-specific returns policy based on customer profiles and then providing alternatives to the customer other than returning the product, we reduce the amount of returns that flow into the reverse supply chain.

Further, Blubirch’s RA-PaaS solution distinguishes itself from traditional returns management systems through its comprehensive approach, advanced automation, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. Unlike traditional methods, which often focus on basic returns processing, Blubirch’s RAMP integrates the reverse supply chain process. It uses cutting-edge technology, including AI and Machine Learning, to optimize the returns process. The solution’s dynamic policy and resolution algorithms, predictive analytics and demand forecasting models enhance efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue recovery. Additionally, based on historical data analysis, its intelligent disposition-based decision-making protocol sets it apart by maximizing the value extracted from returned inventory.

2. What are the measures taken by Blubirch to ensure data security and compliance with RA-PaaS, and how does it safeguard sensitive customer information throughout the returns lifecycle?
Blubirch considers data security and compliance as a major factor; the solutions employ industry-benchmarked security protocols to protect sensitive customer information throughout the returns lifecycle. This includes encryption, secure data storage, access controls and regular security audits. Blubirch complies with relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to ensure the privacy and security of customer data. By implementing robust security measures and staying compliant with regulations, Blubirch maintains the integrity and confidentiality of customer information.

3. How does the RA–PaaS offering support scalability and flexibility in handling returns volume, especially during peak seasons or promotional periods?
Blubirch’s RA–PaaS solution is designed to support scalability and flexibility, especially during peak seasons or promotional periods. The key to scalability and flexibility is to identify processes that can be automated and then automate them. Flexibility in automation can be extended through configurable rules. Our platform is built on these principles. The platform’s automation and AI-driven processes enable efficient handling of increased returns volume. The predictive analytics and demand forecasting models help anticipate spikes (volatility) in returns, allowing for prospective planning and resource allocation. This adaptability ensures that businesses can effectively manage returns during times of high demand without compromising operational efficiency.

4. From an IT perspective, how does Blubirch’s RA–PaaS integrate with an existing IT infrastructure, and what level of customization and integration support can be expected for seamless implementation?
Blubirch’s RA–PaaS can seamlessly integrate and interface with existential or resident IT infrastructure and web platforms; and as an extension of its solutions process, Blubirch offers integration support to ensure a smooth implementation process. The Blubirch team collaborates with the client’s IT team to ensure seamless integration while maintaining data integrity and system compatibility. This approach minimizes disruptions and optimizes the benefits of the RA-PaaS solution within an existing technology ecosystem.

5. How does Blubirch’s RA-PaaS align with emerging technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, to further enhance returns automation and streamline operations?
Blubirch’s RA–PaaS solution is built on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to enhance automation in returns processing and strengthen the reverse supply chain operations. The platform utilizes such technology interfaces and applications to facilitate intelligent decisions for returned inventory refurbishment, disposal, liquidation and secondary market placement to value-optimize the returns process. These applications and systemic processes are resultantly also used as a source funnel for assimilation of data for future insights. AI and Machine Learning helps analyze large volumes of data to identify trends, anticipate / project return volumes and predict market demand.

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