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Coforge ranked joint #2 among IT service providers in customer satisfaction


 Coforge Limited has been ranked a joint second among IT service providers in customer satisfaction in ‘Whitelane Research’s 2023 UK IT Sourcing Study. Coforge’s customers in the UK have given an overall satisfaction rating of 79%, an increase of 4% from the 2022 study and well above the industry average of 72%.

The 2023 UK IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with PA Consulting, investigated more than 750 unique IT sourcing relationships and 1400 cloud sourcing relationships held by over 300 participants of the top IT spending organizations in the United Kingdom. The research analyzed 27 global and local IT service providers operating in the UK- their performance, customer satisfaction levels, and delivery quality.

Jef Loos, Head of Research, Europe, Whitelane Research said, “Coforge continues to shine in our UK IT sourcing survey. It is a remarkable comeback this year for Coforge and is featured as a joint second among IT service providers in customer satisfaction in the region. This recognition is a testament to the company’s relentless focus on providing exceptional services to its customers.”

Namrata Ahuja, EVP & Head of Europe, Coforge said, “Coforge is proud to be recognized as a strong contender, ranking joint #2 among IT service providers in the UK. We thank our valued customers for their unwavering support and trust in us. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our exceptional success within the Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Travel, and Public Sector verticals in the UK. We have consistently demonstrated our leadership by spearheading transformative programs that drive digitalization, optimize IT systems for enhanced reliability, and harness the power of AI and cloud platforms. At Coforge, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled solutions that meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients.”

Coforge’s growth in the Banking and Financial Services and ‘Other’ verticals were reflected in the customer satisfaction study. Coforge ranked joint third among IT service providers in the financial services category. The satisfaction score of the firm is 8% higher than the industry average of 76%. Coforge ranked sixth among IT service providers in the ‘Other’ industries category including Energy & Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Retail, and Telecom with a satisfaction score of 2% higher than the industry average of 71%.

The study also evaluated customer satisfaction across core IT domains that include digital transformation, application services, cloud and infrastructure hosting, workplace services, and security services. The firm ranked joint third among IT service providers in the digital transformation and application services categories. The satisfaction score in digital transformation was 8% higher than the industry average of 78% and 6% higher in the application services’ industry average of 74%.

Kishore Krishnan, Global Sales Leader, Coforge said, “The research highlights the top five areas of client investments in the next two years which are automation, simplification and consolidation of IT, migration of core business to the cloud, increase in cybersecurity and cyber resilience and in cost savings. The feedback from our clients validates the firm’s strategy that focuses on emerging technologies, domain expertise, and execution capabilities that stand out in the industry and encourages us to do even better in the coming years.”

The survey also assessed each organization based on various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Coforge has increased its service delivery to last year and is in the top four players in account management capabilities.



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