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Digital transformation is a top use case for open source


For the majority of IT leaders (53%), digital transformation is an important use case for enterprise open source software, a number that’s climbed 11 points over the past two years, according to a new report from Red Hat.

The leading Linux and cloud company had conducted interviews with 1,250 IT leaders worldwide to know the trends surrounding enterprise open source.

The survey also found that digital transformation was the top non-technical IT funding priority for respondents and 21% were accelerating their plans, which Red Hat believes could possibly be a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Infrastructure modernization remains the most important use cited for enterprise open source in most parts of the world, although it’s in a tie with digital transformation in the Europe, Middle East and Asia region (EMEA).

While the use of open source for infrastructure modernization is no surprise, Red Hat claims momentum with regard to digital transformation was “harder to foresee”.

Given that the roots of open source often lie in infrastructure modernization, this is not surprising. Enterprise open source’s momentum with regard to digital transformation may have been harder to foresee, says Red Hat.

Access to the latest innovations is a key benefit

If infrastructure modernization remains an important use of enterprise open source, the historically associated benefit of lower total cost of ownership is now well down the list tied for the sixth spot. Instead, enterprise open source continues its march from being seen as a less expensive and good enough alternative to proprietary software to a place where it is seen as genuinely better.

Most respondents perceive that higher quality is the top benefit they see from enterprise open source.

“Collectively, it’s a recognition that enterprise open source is increasingly the future of software, said Gordon Haff, Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat.

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