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EmpowerYouth.com partners with GoDaddy Academy to bring career enhancement programs to students


sEmpowerYouth.com, the career-tech platform, has announced a partnership with GoDaddy Academy, to bring a series of career enhancement programs to its students. The career certification programs from GoDaddy that will now be available to EmpowerYouth members are Certified Web Professional, Certified Web Developer, Certified Web Architect and Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

EmpowerYouth is the world’s first holistic career management platform. The company helps students, specially in tier II and below markets, by providing them with various opportunities including campus placement for jobs internships and making them skill-ready for jobs. In addition, it assists institutions and individuals in providing a career enhancement engagement model.

“At EmpowerYouth.com, we focus on creating a definitive enhanced learning program for our students and young professionals, leading to their holistic career transformation. Our partnership with GoDaddy is a step to add multiple course platform partners. We hope this partnership will help our users, who are interested in making a career in the Digital space, get the best in breed programs for their career enhancement”, says Shalya Gupta, CEO, EmpowerYouth.

Some of the main benefits that will accrue to EmpowerYouth partner institutions and students is that these programs from GoDaddy Academy will also be on offer through EMIs and upfront payment will not be required. In addition, there will be assured internship offers for students who avail of these courses through the EmpowerYouth platform. Attractive discounts will also be available on all programs.


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