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Google Claims to have Prevented 150 Million User Accounts from being Hacked

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Google stated that it has witnessed a 50 percent reduction in accounts being compromised among users who have opted for 2-Step Verification

With increasing cybercrime and incidents of fraud springing up all the time, it’s more important than ever for internet users to take precautions to keep their accounts secure. To ensure that Google has implemented 2SV, or 2-Step Verification, in 2021, a feature that requires a second form of verification beyond the password to give people an extra layer of safety when fraudsters try to hack into their accounts.

“Since last year’s initiative, we’ve successfully auto-enabled 2SV for over 150 million people, and we’ve also required it for over 2 million of our YouTube creators.” Google wrote in a blog post. Not only that, but Google believes that the number of accounts compromised among those users has dropped by half.

2SV or 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a standard mechanism used by tech companies to make it difficult to hack into their users’ accounts. Even if someone can ‘guess’ or hack your password, 2SV ensures that it won’t be easy for hackers to get into your account without passing through the next level of verification.

A second form of authentication, according to Google, can help protect your data and personal information. Google also stated that it will continue to work on ways to make its users safer on the internet.

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