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GreenLattey launches TwelveWeek Challenge –An app for corporates to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy



Industry-first Fitness app acts as “1 on 1 Personal Trainer in a Pocket” to Support Fitness Goals

GreenLattey has launched TwelveWeek Challenge App- world’s first achievement store launched 360-degree wellness activity for corporate people. This is to help people stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. Solving the universal problem of staying productive and healthy at their workstations by not missing out on daily exercise at any time of the day, in the current pandemic. It has launched a new mobile app which helps corporates stay prepared and motivated with a new workout every day from their home or office within the workspace.

TwelveWeek Challenge app is designed to help organizations improve their employee’s morale, productivity, happiness at workplace and alleviate physical pain and disorders with the help of a 10 to 20 minutes live-in-app fitness challenge. Alongside a diverse range of digital fitness training sessions, it also offers 1 on 1 personal training service for the people who want a personal trainer.

The TWC team believes that corporates look for an output based approach. After all, humans are designed to believe in what they see as an end output. Trainers help induct simple desk stretches and yoga poses that can be done from your employee’s desk over their phones. These stretches are gentle and relaxing, helping soothe tired and aching muscles and bones.

On the launch of TWC app, Vivek Slaria, Founder, GreenLattey highlighted that “we believe that Health and Wellness is the new fuel for driving a SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE INDIA OF TOMORROW. Studies have shown that 10 to 20 minutes of workplace wellness sessions boosts productivity, happiness and creativity. It goes beyond just physical health, but is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health. Employees report that desk fitness sessions are an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic day and help them to maintain their physical health, restore their alertness and peace of mind. Employees who exercise together create a more collaborative and positively fit environment.”

Daily fitness sessions are one of the best ways to show that an organization cares for its employees in the current environment. Using gamification and a reward mechanism, the team at GreenLattey is working to strengthen organizations further.

As digital makes it way in the NEW normal workspace, can fitness go to the digital route as well? The team at GreenLattey certainly believes it can. And a lot of their clients agree.

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