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How R&M is serving customers and business partners in these pandemic times


Series of webinars launched in which R&M provides connectivity know-how as a trusted advisor

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of connectivity systems for high-quality, high-performance network infrastructures, is using the time freed up by the cancellation of trade fairs, events, roadshows and customer visits to provide network technology training in the form of a series of webinars.

The webinars cover 13 topics in the areas of data centers, public networks and local area networks. R&M is providing insights and information about trends and solutions, positioning itself as a trusted advisor. Customers are offered the opportunity to benefit from the company’s vast knowledge in the field of connectivity.

Results of the first webinars are promising. “We had a participation rate of 58%, which is higher than expected,” states Andreas Rüsseler, CMO at R&M. According to branch leader ‘Cable & Maintenance’ the industrial benchmark rate for webinars is between 28 and 33%. Rüsseler adds: “The results clearly show that our customers and partners have a high demand for information, which we can cover thanks to our profound know-how in the field of cabling and connectivity. Great potential also lies in additional information about our monitoring software inteliPhy.”

Every webinar is evaluated by the users. The range of the results is highly satisfactory. The information value has been rated with an 8.5, while the trainers’ knowledge has been awarded a 9. Between 8.7 to 10 out of 10 participants would recommend the webinars to others.

Asked why they joined the webinars, participants answered that the topics are related to their work and that they are constantly searching for new information, trends and future technologies.

“We will continue to share our broad know-how with customers and partners even after the Covid-19 measures are relaxed, for example in the form of further webinars. It can be said that every crisis has its good sides if the necessary lessons are learned”, says Michel Riva, CEO at R&M.

During this challenging pandemic, the importance of good networks, in which virtual solutions gain importance, quickly became clear. R&M is looking forward to continuously supporting operators of data centers, private and public networks with integrated products, services and solutions.

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