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Kodak Alaris’ INfuse Platform Enables Remote Work with Xenith Scan@Home Solution


Xenith Intelligent Workplace Services has partnered with Kodak Alaris to create a pre-configured Scan@Home Solution built on INfuse, the global information capture specialist’s Smart Connected Scanning Solution. The platform enables remote workers to scan directly into line-of business systems from their home offices.

Many employees now working from home don’t have access to back-office systems, are without traditional printing and scanning devices, and don’t have an IT department that can quickly set up ways to scan and send invoices or file important documents to internal business processes.

“Stay at home” policies have forced organisations to rapidly review and re-engineer key business processes which are no longer fit for purpose for a home-based workforce. Many companies that rely on the ability to scan paper documents quickly into business processes are now transporting boxes of paper to employees’ homes. These papers often have to be processed and then scanned into another system or shared via email.

In partnership with Kodak Alaris, Xenith Intelligent Workplace Services has created a pre-configured smart Scan@Home Solution built on the INfuse platform that integrates directly into line-of-business systems. Companies can now use a fully managed service to provide pre-configured scanners to virtual employees.

“The Scan@Home Solution is easy to set-up without IT intervention. All the remote worker needs to do is plug in the scanner and scan a pre-printed smart set-up sheet to get started,” said Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager of the Alaris division of Kodak Alaris.

All workflows – such as sending the document to the right person, or saving the information in the correct repository, network drive, or back-end system are pre-configured remotely by Xenith. Xenith connects the software or line-of-business applications such as invoice processing, records management, or customer account management with APIs from Kodak Alaris to create a full solution which is completely serviced, controlled and programmed through its cloud service in Microsoft Azure.

INfuse management software from Kodak Alaris allows Xenith to manage the fleet, set up the workflow, configure the devices, and allocate licenses – all hosted and operated by Xenith. The system is continuously monitored with notifications to ensure seamless functionality and if company processes change, Xenith can alter workflows remotely so the end-user stays hassle-free.

Marc Ueckermann, Chief Technology Officer, Xenith, added: “As companies adapt to a new way to work, there are indications that most will embrace more of a virtual workplace than they have in the past. With Xenith and Kodak Alaris, companies can quickly be up and running with this Scanner as a Service offering that requires no PC connection or local software.”

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