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Tredence Launches Machine Learning Ops Platform


Tredence, a leading AI engineering and analytics services company announces the launch of its state-of-the-art machine learning operations platform, ML Works, powering innovation in artificial intelligence.The community launch targeted at data scientists, engineers and analysts will allow them to register and explore ML Works for free. Enterprise launch will follow in September.

ML Works is designed to help companies solve complex challenges in ML operations with automated workflows, pre-built solutions to track model degradation and code workflow management. With ML Works, data scientists can shift their focus from managing machine learning and mitigating risks to augmenting AI innovations.

Based on extensive experience in managing several AI customer engagements, Tredence developed ML Works to scale thousands of machine learning models, reduce outages and simplify model monitoring. Further, the platform monitors the health of models to mitigate bias and detect anomalies, which can be expensive and disruptive for companies employing AI.

ML Works includes data drift analysis for continuous monitoring of production model accuracy, custom metrics and explainable AI to help non-technical users with model predictions.Expanding its enterprise-wide focus on innovation in artificial intelligence, Tredence Studio now features more than 30 AI accelerators that enable clients to manage market shifts and turn ideas into solutions.

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