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Trend Micro Cloud One Delivers Projected ROI of Up to 188%


Trend Micro has announced a new study revealing that its hybrid cloud security services can save thousands of person-hours per year on security administration. Forrester Consulting surveyed and interviewed 97 Trend Micro Cloud One customers and drew the conclusion that the services can enhance developer value and save costs on breach risks, threat detection and response and legacy tooling.

The Forrester study found that many organizations set-up up new cloud accounts and instances without protection or utilize either legacy on-premises solutions or platform-native services. This leads to gaps in protection, low visibility, too much manual work and inconsistent policy application across cloud environments.

The Forrester study noted that the Trend Micro Cloud One platform enables customers to simplify their cloud security environments, and even accelerate their overall cloud migration. The study noted that “Trend Micro Cloud One enabled customers to reduce their risk of a security breach, view all cloud assets and threats from a single pane of glass, automate posture management and threat detection and response, and consistently apply the appropriate policies regardless of platform or cloud service provider.”

“Digital transformation is at the top of the to-do list for today’s global organizations, as they look to support distributed working and drive post-pandemic agility and growth with cloud adoption. But emerging security gaps can undermine all this good work,” said Vijendra Katiyar, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro. “We’re proud to offer a leading cloud security solution on which customers can consolidate, simplify and drive-up protection whilst lowering costs and cyber-risk.”

It quantified the main projected benefits of Trend Micro Cloud One as follows:

  • Annual time saved on security administration of between 2,100 and 6,200 hours thanks to automation and posture management visibility.
  • Reduced cost of threat detection and response of between 19% and 27% by reducing false positives and automating investigation and response.
  • Added value to development of between 8% and 16% by reducing the time developers spent on security work and accelerating time-to-value of development work.
  • Reduced cost of ownership of legacy security tools between 8% and 26% by minimizing direct spend and outlays on servicing these tools.
  • Cost savings from reduced risk of a breach between 6% and 16%, thanks to improved security and employee productivity otherwise lost to breach downtime.

Over a three-year period, Forrester projected ROI for Trend Micro Cloud One of 12-188%, net present value (NPV) of $73K-$1.1 million and total projected benefits of $664K-$1.7 million.


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