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Leviton Integrates BitWise and Omni Automation Platforms


Leviton today announced the free integration of Omni security & automation control systems into BitWise BC1, BC2 and BC4 audio/visual control systems. This native integration allows BitWise customers to create custom interfaces for their OmniTouch 7 touchscreens, utilizing new graphical elements for free, including award-winning OmniTouch 7 icons and backgrounds via BitWise Project Editor software. The new BitWise platform will also now include functionality for intercom integration and a free integration module for Leviton’s Omni-Bus Lighting Control Systems.

“Leviton is dedicated to growing all three of our automation platforms, including the security-focused Omni and the AV focused BitWise, which was included in our purchase of BitWise Controls almost a year ago” said Jay McLellan, Vice President of Leviton Security & Automation. “Providing a free native integration provides installers with even more options for our powerful systems, including the unique ability to use our popular interface components like icons and backgrounds to create their own flavor of graphical user interface.”

The new integrated Omni and BitWise platform features drag and drop commands and feedback, as well as built-in GUI content for Omni devices, allowing users to control security and HVAC systems, lighting, audio zones, locks, and buttons or macros.

This integration also allows BitWise customers to incorporate 2N Helios intercom door stations, providing communication from a gate or front door to any OmniTouch 7 touchscreen on the property. For integrators wishing to incorporate Leviton Omni-Bus DIN Rail lighting controls, a new free module, complete with a GUI template, exists on the BitWise Store.

To download the OmniTouch 7 graphical elements, installers should sign up for the BitWise Store and download the “HTX2” GUI template. Custom interfaces combining BitWise and Omni eco-system can be created using Project Editor, the free BitWise software.

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