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Avaya partners with Koopid to deliver AI-powered seamless customer journeys


Avaya has expanded its Technology Partner alliances program through a new agreement with Koopid, the next-generation, AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration platform, designed to enable seamless self-service customer journeys.

Avaya’s Technology Partner program is made up of strategic partnerships, formed over decades, with some of the world’s most admired technology brands. Through direct R&D engagement, deep product integration, and strong services and support relationships, these alliances deliver powerful capabilities through innovative solutions, built on the open communications platforms preferred by Avaya’s customers.

Koopid’s powerful AI and machine learning models connect siloed channels and deliver a single brand experience to customers, meeting them at their preferred channel and at their desired interaction pace. All customer interaction data is persisted and curated for analyzing context, automation opportunities, personalizing customer interactions and increasing agent productivity.

Koopid’s technologies can now be integrated into Avaya’s market-leading contact center solutions, enabling seamless transitions from AI-driven customer self-service to live human assistance on chat or voice, while providing agents with conversational context with a record of current and historical interactions. This delivers an improved customer experience as well as operational benefits across both digital and voice channels.

“Customers today demand well-informed and intelligent conversations and companies are constantly looking at newer ways to enhance services while improving time to resolution and reducing cost. Koopid is a valued Avaya partner and the decision to enter into this partnership strengthens our focus to provide a seamless end-to-end customer experience management and our ability to grow together and service customers better. With this partnership, agents can interact with customers simultaneously on voice and digital channels and leverage virtual agents to complete transactions. We are hopeful that this association, we will be able to define the future of hyper-personalized customer journeys, and result in significant improvements in time to resolution, cost of resolution and NPS,” said Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director, Avaya, India & SAARC.

“Avaya is recognized as a global leader for providing solutions that enhance and simplify communications and this partnership bolsters our capability to meet and exceed the evolving needs of customers, while also speeding up the agent’s workflow and time to customer resolution. Koopid’s out-of-the box integrations with Avaya call handling, routing as well as agent desktop software is enabling agents to provide efficient and informed service through delivering context of current and historical interaction and intelligent agent suggestions.” said Venkatesh Krishnaswamy, CEO, Koopid.

“Our customers have deployed solutions in domains like citizen services, IT services, advisory services, travel, hospitality, healthcare and boutique retail. We hope that this relationship will further extend the significant lead that Avaya enjoys in the communication space, while also expanding the Koopid footprint in the market,” added Krishnaswamy.
Avaya and Koopid recently collaborated on an AI-powered chatbot designed to transform legacy resident-city interactions for several smart city projects in UP and Haryana. The chatbotcan address residents’ queries with great accuracy, pulling instantaneously from a vast database of knowledge. Moreover, the chatbot can relay this information quickly, eliminating the need for long queues and waiting times.

Citizens can interact with the bot for complex form submission services as well. It allows citizens to type their question into the chat window, receive an instant response from a virtual digital assistant and even fill out online forms. If citizen enquiries cannot be handled by the bot, the chat can be escalated to a human agent, along with the chat history, so that the issue can be addressed without needing to recap previous interactions.

Koopid’s entry into the Avaya Technology Partner program will also benefit Avaya’s channel partners, who will be able to propose advanced, integrated solutions – like the AI-powered chatbot developed for these smart city projects – to their customers and deploy them with ease.

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