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Freshworks Enables Supernus Pharmaceuticals to Scale Operational Excellence


Freshservice IT service management solution improves collaboration across the Supernus business

Freshworks Inc., a software company empowering the people who power business, announced that Supernus Pharmaceuticals, a U.S. based company that specializes in treating diseases of the central nervous system, centralized its IT operations with Freshservice to ultimately go to market faster.

A core value of Supernus is “Caring.” This philosophy applies to patients – suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s – who rely on the medications the company puts out to the market, and to the company’s internal staff. For the IT department, this means ensuring that each of the 500 employees working at Supernus get their requests resolved efficiently so they can meet rigorous deadlines to get patients the medications they need to manage their disease.

Prior to implementing Freshservice, Supernus offered IT support through email, phone, and direct walk-ups. This multi-channel support model caused numerous issues. Incoming requests were not tracked making the volume of tickets and productivity of the team impossible to measure. Nonexistent pre-defined ticket SLAs caused inconsistent response and resolution times. Employees also had a low knowledge base of legacy systems which made them rely on the IT department to resolve even minor issues.

Using Freshservice as a single portal for IT requests quickly fixed the issues the team faced from its original multi-channel support approach. With a goal to have 50% of its approximately 1,000 monthly IT ticket requests come through the Freshservice portal within the first five months, the Supernus team was delighted when they surpassed its target within three months, with 80% of tickets coming through the Freshservice portal.

The success of Freshservice in IT led Supernus to expand the offering to other areas including facilities, purchasing, finance, and lab services. Additionally, the solution’s integration with other business critical systems such as Microsoft for internal collaboration, and Docusign for external contracts, has increased efficiency across the business.

The company’s long-term vision is to integrate every department that handles service requests into Freshservice and to use AI and ML more extensively across all departments.

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