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New report reveals crucial employee experience gap and the technologies critical to bridging it


A new report from analyst firm Constellation Research has urged enterprises to adopt disruptive technologies and take advantage of a historic opportunity to transform employee experience.

The report – titled Employee Experience: Moving to a Decisive New Model for the Future of Work – explores the present situation of widespread remote working and the proliferation of new applications. It encourages businesses to adopt an ‘employee experience platform’ (EXP) model that connects disparate digital tools into a more cohesive digital workplace – providing a new, more holistic employee experience stack.

The research identifies the disruptive technologies needed to create this model, including digital adoption platforms (DAPs), on-demand talent sourcing and robotic process automation.

Of these technologies, DAPs are named as a particularly critical component. By integrating on top of software applications or websites to guide users through tasks and functions, they directly address the two primary challenges to next-generation employee experience: better designed experiences and worker education.

Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and senior analyst at Constellation Research said: “There isn’t yet a single piece of technology that successfully houses and creates a primary delivery point for the digital journey of work. Eventually, an overarching solution will emerge, but until then enterprises must assemble an interim EXP from a powerful set of technologies that have developed over the last few years.

“DAPs have emerged as a simple yet incredibly strong place to start in creating a unified experience across the digital workplace to support its employees throughout ongoing change, while providing vital analytics and measurement across user journeys to impact workforce productivity.”

The report has been released to the public by AppLearn, a digital adoption platform vendor that is working with a number of global enterprises on transforming the employee experience.

Andrew Avanessian, CEO at AppLearn added: “There is a pressing need to transform the employee experience. In the last 12 months we’ve seen huge numbers of applications rolled out which in isolation aim to deliver improvements – but collectively create a complex and disparate digital experience.

“How businesses react in this next phase will be absolutely critical and my hope is executives reach for and adopt an employee experience model. It’s such an impactful approach because it takes a holistic view, creating a wrapper around the siloed business applications and providing the employee with an experience that enables greater productivity, collaboration and ultimately supports business growth.”

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